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Personal Trainer

Do you want to be a personal trainer?

Become a personal trainer and work with a variety of individuals and / or groups in different environments whether it be at the client’s home, in a gym, a park or small groups / boot camps.

If you have a passion for the fitness lifestyle and enjoy sharing these passions with others then you should consider a career as a personal trainer. A flexible career where you choose the hours and no two days are the same.

A personal trainer has the skills and knowledge to prescribe and instruct clients effectively as well as the ability to motivate, set goals and provide feedback to clients.

To become a personal trainer you must complete a Certificate IV in Fitness(SIS40215).

Here at FIT College we graduate personal trainers with more knowledge, more practical experience and more fun, whilst still giving our students the best personal training courses available.

What are you waiting for, start your journey into a new career in fitness today and start your journey so soon you can become a personal trainer. Fill in the form below, download the information pack or just get on the phone and have a chat on 1300 887 017 to learn more about personal trainer course options.

Outcomes & Job Opportunities

A Personal Trainer designs and delivers exercise programs for individuals and small groups in both predictable and unpredictable circumstances. Personal Trainers possess a wide range of relevant instructing and fitness-specific competencies to provide appropriate exercise prescription and delivery to their clients which will lead to a more healthy lifestyle and this is only one of the benefits  that studying a personal trainer or fitness course at FIT college offers you in your future career.

Personal Trainers may support musculoskeletal rehabilitation exercises after referral from and under the supervision of a medical or suitably qualified allied health professional. They may also become involved in exercise for specific population groups considered low-risk such as older adults, children and adolescents as well as lifestyle planning and behaviour modification.

A Personal Trainer Trainer is able to:

  • develop, conduct and evaluate long term periodised fitness plans
  • evaluate and analyse the performance of individual clients or groups in a variety of fitness settings
  • provide advice on a range of areas related to health and fitness
  • undertake basic and dynamic postural screening using applied biomechanics
  • apply teaching methods and instructional styles in a variety of indoor and outdoor fitness settings

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