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FIT College registered as an RTO for fitness in 2009 and commenced delivery of fitness course qualifications the same year, aiming to deliver only the best Fitness Courses and Personal Training Courses.

FIT College developed a range of fitness business management courses qualifications in 2012 and launched these fitness business courses in 2013. In 2020, FIT College added to the qualifications on scope by introducing our Weight Management courses. The Weight Management qualifications allow graduates to work as a Weight Management Practitioner, provide meal plans and nutriton plans to help clients achieve ideal body composition and healthy nutritional habits.

Since its inception FIT College has achieved the lowest rating for risk and subsequently achieved the longest available period of five-year registration periods at each renewal audit.

FIT College delivers face to face fitness courses from multiple campuses in Australia and Pacific region, as well as online fitness study courses for students from all over the world. FIT College also offers many courses through our Cloud Campus allowing students from all over the world to enrol and complete further study. 

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Campuses are located in commercial fitness facilities

All of our campuses are either inside or right beside a commercial fitness facility.

Our fitness education students get to see the day to day operations of a fully operational fitness facility. This exposes students to the reception set up, classes available, personal trainers working with clients, the day to day member activity, facility marketing campaigns, sales staff procedures, cleaning and maintenance procedures, and staff behaviour. Giving our students real world experiences that make the Fitness and Personal Training Courses available even more valuable.

These facilities are not small PT Studios or mini workout areas in classrooms that only highlight small parts of the industry. These centres are selected to allow our fitness education students to see the broad services provide by and inclusive of the fitness industry.

Real teachers in real classrooms

Having industry experience and being a PT doesn’t give you the skills to be a fitness educator. We chose to use qualified and experienced fitness professionals who are trained to be VET teachers. 

100% of our Senior Teachers and tutors have a University degree as well as the VET qualification ‘Certificate IV Training and Assessment’
100% of our teachers continue to work in the fitness industry in some role.

Only experienced and qualified teachers are allowed to sign off on a students work and approve the student competent in each task to assure you get the best training in your Personal Training Course or Fitness Course. We don’t rely on PT’s to make that call as they are not familiar with the requirements to determine an individual’s competence from an educational perspective and the elements listed in the national training package for this qualification.

We provide a realistic education on working in the fitness industry

We chose not to sensationalise the fitness industry and certainly don’t suggest to students they can become wealthy as a personal trainer in the first few years.

Our curriculum provides an honest evaluation of the fitness industry and exposes students to the reasons why some trainers are successful and why others are not.

We chose not to use celebrities to promote our courses. We believe that the image associated with celebrities does not provide a realistic picture of what the fitness industry is about.

We discuss those aspects of the fitness industry that may not be so glossy and inviting like early starts and late finishes, working split shifts and weekends, cleaning equipment in slow times, making follow up calls to clients who miss sessions, taking holidays and not getting paid if you’re a self-employed PT. We do the best we can to prepare our student for the reality of working in the personal training and fitness industry and the real world situations that are faced on a day to day basis.

We maintain currency in our curriculum by conducting reviews on a 6 monthly basis to ensure new research is included, updates from the national package are included, and utilise student and peer feedback on improving our delivery and assessment techniques

Our student LEARNING platform was custom built for our curriculum

Our Cloud Campus has been custom built and does not rely on existing Freeware software that may not perfectly match the needs of our business as we have to make sure our online fitness study offerings give the best experience for our Personal Training Course and Fitness Course students.

Owning our own software allows us to continually improve the learners experience and provide additional tracking and support for students online fitness study and learning.

This includes unique aspects such as an online attendance record that records all attendances and report back to the student profile, ability to upload all assessment tasks directly to their own profile and receive feedback and grades in their own assessment area and access to a broad range of resources that enhance the learners experience.

We provide exceptional support to all students

Students studying to begin their career in fitness are given support to assist with their studies through a number of methods including the ability to:

  • Talk regularly by phone, email, skype, online with their personalised tutor who provides guidance and support in helping students complete their study program.
  • Attend Student Support sessions run regularly at each Campus for face to face support - All sessions are listed in the Student Calendar for any student to use at no extra cost
  • Utilise the ‘Student Communication Log’ on the Cloud Campus to talk directly with their tutor about specific issues and tasks they need help with.
  • Make a meeting time to attend any campus and meet face to face with teachers and tutors
  • Receive feedback for each assessment task in the ‘Assessment’ Section where feedback is given for each task that is deemed ‘Not Yet Competent’
  • Develop customised payment plans through our Student Admission where students can talk directly with us about payment issues or altered personal circumstances.

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