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Become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Strength and conditioning (includes asca level 1)

asca level 1 become a certified strength and conditioning coach

A Strength and Conditioning (S&C) coach plays a crucial role in improving athletic performance and reducing injury risk.

These trainers design and implement evidence-based training programs tailored to individual athletes' or clients' needs, focusing on strength, power, agility, and endurance.

S&C coaches work closely with athletes, teams, and fitness enthusiasts across various sports and disciplines, providing guidance on technique, nutrition, and recovery strategies. They may also collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure holistic athlete development.

Obtaining S&C coach accreditation through ASCA is a valuable career pathway for fitness professionals. ASCA certification enhances credibility, opening doors to employment opportunities in sports clubs, fitness centres, and recreation organisations.

This strength and conditioning course provides essential knowledge in exercise science, biomechanics, and program design, empowering coaches to enhance client performance and reduce injury risk.

An ASCA strength and conditioning accreditation demonstrates a commitment to evidence-based practice and ongoing professional development, fostering trust among clients and employers. Adding an ASCA S&C trainer accreditation enriches careers, offering a solid foundation in strength and conditioning principles for whatever fitness career path you choose to follow.

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includes asca level 1 s&c Learning

The FIT College S&C Coach course is accredited by the S&C Peak Body, Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) and incorporates all required coursework and practical competencies to become an ASCA Level 1 S&C Coach. All you need to do on completion of this course is register with ASCA as a member.

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ASCA Level 1 Course guide

Strength and Conditioning - ASCA Level 1

Strength & Conditioning coach

This course focuses on developing skills in strength and conditioning. The four units of competency here start with the knowledge and skills required to write and develop strength and conditioning programs for a broad range of performance outcomes. These skills are then transferred to learning how to deliver and instruct these programs with athletes from different sports.  Basic fitness testing, program writing, and coaching are all important parts of this course. Students must have access to a community group or sporting organisation to have access to participants on which to practice these skills and use for coaching development.

Study modes, duration & Support

All Modes of Study

Allowable time 6 months
Virtual Support Scheduled sessions available through the Learning Platform
Phone Support  8 am - 6pm, Mon - Fri | 1300887017
Online Support  24/7 communication log support through a virtual education platform

 Virtual Classroom (Online/Blended)

Intakes Enrol at any time and start studying within 72 hours
Common Completion Time 6 months
ESOS/CRICOS Not suitable for international students on a student visa
Virtual Delivery Locations Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, other on assessment
Nominal Hours 300 Hours
Study Volume 12 hours/week
Virtual Classes Optional for student support
Campus Classes ~NA~
Online/ Self Study  12 hours/week

This course is not available on campus. 

Qualification outcomes

Certification & Registration

Strength & Conditioning - ASCA L1 contains Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) units. Information on this can be found at                                                                        
FIT College RTO:31903 CRICOS:03926G

Upon completion of this course, you'll receive:

  • SISXCAI011 Conduct individualised long-term training programs
  • SISXCAI009 Instruct strength and conditioning techniques 
  • SISXCAI010 Develop strength and conditioning programs 
  • HLTWHS003 Maintain work health and safety

Industry groups with registration relevance:

  • Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA)                                                                                                                             
  • Australian Sports Commission (ASC)

Education Pathways

Vocational Education & Training (VET)

SIS50321 Diploma of Sport (Coaching)                                                       

University & Higher Education

Bachelor study in exercise science is the most common academic pathway from Vocational fitness study. Exercise science is concentrated more on athletes and exercise performance than on normal people and health. Other common university pathways that align with streams include sports coaching, exercise physiology, sports management, and sports nutrition.           

Industry Specific

After completing this short course and completing 100 hours of coaching, you can register for the ASCA Level 2 Associate Coaching accreditation (AL2).

Career Opportunities

Strength and conditioning coach. For more opportunities, visit the FIT College Careers Hub for fitness jobs in your area.

Course Requirements

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for the Strength and Conditioning Course. However, FIT College do not accept students under 14 years of age and all students are required to meet LLN requirements.

Required General Resources:

• Access to a computer or device that can connect to the internet

• Internet access with a broadband plan suitable for online study

• Smartphone, camera, video camera, or device that can take pictures & record videos

Course Assessment

Every qualification, unit of competency or skill set completed at FIT College will require students to undergo a number of written and/or practical assessment tasks. The assessment tasks are designed to confirm that the student can meet all elements and performance criteria indicated in the curriculum. By completing each assessment task to the standard indicated, students are ready and eligible to perform those elements in the workplace.

English & LLN Requirements

All Students

All domestic students must demonstrate core competency in language, literacy, and numeracy.

Payment & Funding

Payment Options

Interest-free payment plans and payment in full options available. Course costs can be reduced with promotions and on short term plans. Courses need to be paid for prior to receiving certificate.

ESOS/CRICOS Additional International Student Payments

International Students are required to pay for their course in advance, prior to commencement. Payment can be made in full, or prior to each Semester or Term.

Government Funding, Grants and Subsidies

Certificate III Guarantee

There is no government funding available for this course through FIT College.

Skillsets & Sub-Qualifications

 There are no NRT Skillsets within this qualification that are offered for individual sale.




What can you do with an ASCA Level 1?

The strength and conditioning course that FIT College delivers includes the level 1 ASCA accredited Strength and Conditioning Course. Upon registering with ASCA individuals can use their understanding of training programs to help improve the performance of individuals at club or state level. Sports vary from traditional track and field to team and ball sports and various other sports.

The core of what a strength and conditioning coach does is:

  • facilitating strength and conditioning programs for all sports
  • focusing on injury reduction for athletes
  • sports specific performance outcomes

What qualifications do you need to be a strength and conditioning coach in Australia?

There are two main qualifications that can support your educational needs: a tertiary qualification in a Bachelor of Sport or any other related field of exercise science at university, or an industry-related course such as the FIT College Strength and Conditioning course that can lead you to register and qualify as a Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Course with ASCA.

What is the average age of strength and conditioning coaches?

The average age of strength and conditioning coaches is 34.5.

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