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FIT College was formed with one simple goal: To graduate quality Personal Trainers ready to start a career in fitness, in any fitness environment. Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to provide high quality fitness courses, practical and varied learning materials, and a broad range of interesting and helpful resources to create the highest quality courses available. FIT College also operates FC Education which delivers Fitness Training, Education & Business Courses, and Fitness Management courses.

Our core values define how we operate as a Registered Training Organisation. They are:

  • Operate with honesty
  • Work with integrity & dignity
  • Show commitment
  • Grow with flexibility to adapt & change
  • Demonstrate respect for all cultural backgrounds, values & beliefs
  • Strive to deliver the highest-quality of training & assessment
  • Create high quality and industry-ready graduates

1. Definitions 

Accredited refers to the fitness courses that lead to a formal education such as Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma.

Allowable time refers to the amount of time a student is provided to complete courses enrolled in.

AQF means the Australian Qualifications Framework.

ASQA means Australian Skills Quality Authority.

Assessment is a process to determine the student’s achievement of expected learning outcomes and may include a range of written and oral methods and practice or demonstration.

Assessment Tasks are activities set for students that enable them to demonstrate the learning outcomes of a course and make it possible for markers to determine levels of achievement.

Business day means a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or applicable public holiday to area.

Cancellation refers to termination of the registration contract to cease all financial obligations.

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is a document which is issued by FIT College confirming your enrolment.

Course means a course of education or training. Courses can either be accredited or non-accredited education or training.

Credit Transfer is a process that provides students with agreed and consistent credit outcomes for components of a qualification based on equivalent content and learning outcomes of matched qualifications.

Enrolment refers to the enrolment form required to be completed by prospective learners to access course learning materials.

Expiration refers to the fitness education student’s allowable time ending. If a course has expired, access to course is removed.

Guarantor/biller refers to consenting parties electing financial responsibility for products purchased from FIT College.

Intake Date refers to the date in which the face-to-face learning is to commence.

Intellectual Property refers to intangible property that is the result of creativity, such as patents, or copyrights.

Learner refers to the individuals who intends or is currently studying and has completed a registration and course enrolment.

Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Parent/guardian refers to the individual who has legal authority and responsibility to care for student/learner (inclusive of prospective and registered).

Product refers to the courses offered to purchase from FIT College.

Prospective Learner refers to the individual who intends on studying but are yet to complete registration and course enrolment.

Recruitment is the process of assisting prospective learners to apply for a place in a course with FIT College.

Registered Learner refers to the individuals who have completed registration but are yet to complete the course enrolment.

Registration is the agreement process for the prospective learner to purchase a course offered by FIT College.

RPL means Recognition of Prior Learning which involves assessment of an individual’s relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine the possibility for a credit.

RTO means Registered Training Organisation

SRTO refers to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations which are standards all RTO’s are required to uphold.

Student refers to a learner enrolled with FIT College to complete purchased course.

Study Mode refers to the method in which the fitness course is provided, such as online fitness study or face-to-face study.

Suspend means to temporarily prevent from occurring.

USI means Unique Student Identifier which is a reference number unique to each student that records training from January 1st, 2015.

VET means Vocational Education and Training.

2. Course Registration

a) By agreeing to the course registration, all parties are liable for the full cost of purchased product(s).
b) Individuals who agree to the course registration acknowledge having read and understood the FIT College Terms and Conditions, Student Handbook and any accompanying third-party company terms.
c) If the purchaser of the course is not the prospective learner, all parties must complete a registration agreement.
d) Adjustments to enrolment after registration must be authorised by FIT College before being actioned. Please refer to the Student Handbook under Learner Action Requests for further information.
e) Failure to complete an online enrolment within (7) days will affect course accessibility and availability.

3. Course Delivery

a) All VET courses offered by FIT College are nationally recognised.

  1. For FIT College fitness courses on scope, please visit and search the name FIT College.

b) Completion of the course is the learner’s responsibility and the learner will still be liable for all associated costs with the course, whether the course is completed or not.
c) All learners have an allowable time of 12 months to complete each individual certification level (i.e. Certificate III or Certificate IV in Fitness) and 24 months for completion of a Diploma. The allowable time of other products are specified within your registration contract.

  1. Should the learner not complete within the allowable time, an extension can be purchased. For fee structure, please see section 11.d.
  2. If the learner has been expired for 6 months or longer and requests to continue studies, they will be required to re-enrol.

d) Completion date is the date that the fitness education student’s final assessment task in any full qualification or short course is marked as competent.
e) Certificate issue date is the date when all financial and education requirements for the purchased product has been fulfilled. For financial requirements, please see section 7.a.
f) FIT College issue digital certificates to student’s registered email account. Hard copies and replacements of a damaged or lost certificated may be requested however, fees apply.

  1. For cost of hard copy of certificate, please see section 11.c.

4. Learner Obligations

a) Learners agree to:

  1. Attend the fitness course by the agreed mode of study, on the agreed starting date, for the agreed course duration until course completion;
  2. Pay all fitness course costs;
  3. Adhere to any student visa conditions at all times; and
  4. Adhere to the Student Handbook, Terms and Conditions, behavioural requirements, and any lawful directions from FIT College, its staff, representatives, and agents.

b) If the learner is under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must confirm the registration and the product purchased.

  1. The minimum age for fitness education enrolment is 16 years old.

5. FIT College Obligations

a) FIT College shall ensure that all training, assessment and issuance of AQF certification documentation meets the requirements of SRTO 2015.
b) FIT College shall provide the course to an enrolled student at the agreed mode of study, on the agreed starting date, for the agreed course duration until course completion.
c) FIT College may refuse to provide the course, or continue to provide the course due to;

  1. The student fails to pay course fees;
  2. Breach of student visa conditions; or
  3. Misbehaviour of student.

d) Should FIT College not be able to uphold its obligation to an enrolled student, FIT College may:

  1. Arrange placement into an alternative course, at FIT College’s expense; or
  2. Permit a refund as per section 12.b.

6. Records

a) FIT College ensure all relevant student records are current and accurate.
b) FIT College retain student records for a minimum of 26 weeks after completion date.
c) FIT College retain government funded student records for a minimum of 7 years after completion date.
d) FIT College reserves the right to dispose of materials not claimed after the retention period has lapsed.
e) Records are available to the student upon request.
f) Requests for records on behalf of a student must have authorisation.

  1. FIT College will NOT release your details to any third-party unless authorisation has been provided.

7. Product Purchase

a) The qualification must be paid in full before FIT College can issue the certificate.
b) FIT College shall comply with Australian Consumer Law and replace or refund faulty or incorrect products at purchased cost.

  1. Return of the faulty or incorrect product is at the cost of the purchaser.

c) Occasionally, special offers will be made available to prospective learners.

  1. Prospective learners are only able to make use of one offer per enrolment; and
  2. Future offers that become available after a student has enrolled cannot be applied retrospectively.

d) Some prospective learners may be eligible for government funding.

  1. To determine eligibility for funding, the learner must provide FIT College with proof of identity, proof residency and Australian or New Zealand citizenship;
  2. Should the learner not be eligible or failed to supply the required documents, consenting parties will remain liable for the full cost of course; and
  3. Should the learner receive government funding toward a FIT College course, this may impact the learner’s eligibility to obtain government funding elsewhere in future.

8. Cooling Off Period

a) There is a 72-hour cooling off period (inclusive of weekends/public holidays) that begins when the registration contract is agreed to by all consenting parties.
b) Within the 72-hour cooling off period you can terminate or adjust your registration. See section 11 for further information.
c) The cooling off period ceases when any of the following occur:

  1. 72 hours has passed since your registration was agreed to;
  2. You have attended a class as part of the course of study;
  3. You have logged into the student Cloud Campus; or
  4. You have accessed any material associated with your course either as hard copy or digital copy.

d) Upon completion of the cooling off period, consenting parties are liable to uphold their learner obligations, including financial agreement.

9. Direct Debit Payment Plan

Registrations not associated with a direct debit payment plan can disregard the following items.

a) Direct debit payment plans are established through the third-party direct debit service provider ‘FFA PaySmart’.
b) The PaySmart direct debit service agreement is provided to consenting parties.
c) Adjustments to an existing direct debit payment plan, requested by consenting parties of a registration, must be authorised by FIT College before being actioned. Please refer to the Student Handbook under Learner Action Requests for further information.
d) FIT College recognise FFA PaySmart and its subsidiaries.
e) FFA PaySmart Product Disclosure Statement & Service Agreement are provided in the registration process.

10. Marketing & Recruitment

a) FIT College ensures all marketing and recruitment practices meet the requirements of S RTOs 2015.
b) FIT College shall not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct in connection with recruitment or marketing.
c) Information provided to learners avoids vague or ambiguous statements and false or misleading comparisons with other providers or qualifications.
d) At times FIT College may use third party companies. In these circumstances:

  1. FIT College are not responsible for any of their websites, products, or services; and
  2. Use of Third-party content is at your own risk.

11. Fees

a) Within the cooling off period, a withdrawal fee of $125.00 (per enrolment) is applicable.
b) An administration fee of $250 (per enrolment) applies to approved course withdrawals
c) Additional fitness education course support for students cost a fee of $60.00 per hour.
d) A hard copy of a certificate may be requested for a fee of $50.00 per certificate.
e) Extension to course’s allowable time cost a fee of $100.00 per month.
f) A postage fee of $5.00 applies for the re-post of products
g) Changes to study mode incurs administration fees. Refer to the Student Handbook under ‘Changes to study mode’ for further information.
h) Direct debit payments may be suspended for a maximum total of (8) weeks per direct debit plan.
i) A direct debit suspension can only be authorised after:

  1. A minimum of (1) direct debit payment has settled; and
  2. A total of $500.00 has been paid to the account.

j) PaySmart Fee’s and Payments are as follows:

  1. Each defaulted payment through PaySmart direct debit will incur a $15.00 default fee which is capped at $45.00 prior to the account being Archived.
  2. Credit Card payments may incur surcharges.
  3. A setup fee of $5.50 is debited along with your first payment with PaySmart.
  4. Administration fees are debited by PaySmart as follows:
    1. Weekly payments incur a $1.30 administration fee; fortnightly payments incur a $1.95 administration fee; and monthly payments incur a $2.95 administration fee.
  5. Failure to amend payments as an Archived Account with PaySmart direct debit will result in the account presented to ARMA Debt Collection.

Refer to the Student Handbook under ‘FFA PaySmart’ for further information.

12. Refunds

a) FIT College is not required to provide a refund if:

  1. The student withdraws from the fitness course(s);
  2. The student has changed their mind;
  3. Student fails to pay an amount they were liable to pay; or
  4. Student’s personal, financial or family circumstances have changed.
  5. The student has breached a condition of their registration agreement.

b) FIT College will provide a partial refund if:

  1. The student has identified a terminal illness or permanent disability after registration;
  2. FIT College is unable to provide the course for which the registration and payment has been made; or
  3. A credit that relates to an overpayment.

13. Entire Agreement

a) FIT College may adopt appropriate clauses from time to time for the management of operational requirements or to meet legal obligations.
b) FIT College reserve the right to withdraw or vary Terms & Conditions at any time which must be adopted by all fitness education course students.
c) FIT College Terms & Conditions are located on the student platform and company website for the public to view.

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