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Phone: 1300 887 017
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RTO Number: 31903
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FIT College was formed with one simple goal: To graduate quality Personal Trainers ready to work in any fitness environment. Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to provide high quality courses, practical and varied learning materials, and a broad range of interesting and helpful resources to create the highest quality courses available. FIT College also operates FC Education which delivers Training and Education & Business and Management courses.

Our core values define how we operate as a Registered Training Organisation. They are:

  • Operate with honesty
  • Work with integrity & dignity
  • Show commitment
  • Grow with flexibility to adapt & change
  • Demonstrate respect for all cultural backgrounds, values & beliefs
  • Strive to deliver the highest-quality of training & assessment
  • Create high quality and industry-ready graduates




Terms and Conditions of Registration

1. Terms & Conditions of Registration

1.1. Registration refers to the agreement to purchase FIT College courses and products.

1.2. By entering into a Product Purchase agreement with FIT College, you are liable for the full course cost of the purchased product(s).

1.3. Prospective Students purchasing Course Products must complete a FIT College Enrolment Online ( within 3 Days (72hrs) of Registration (Product Purchase Agreement). Failure to fulfil Enrolment requirements will result in cancellation of course accessibility at full course cost liability by product purchaser.

1.4. Adjustments made to new or existing Payment Plans and Product Purchase agreements must be approved by FIT College.

1.5. Products can be purchased by a third party for an enrolling student.

1.6. Purchaser and Prospective Student must be identified during Registration. Third Party Purchasers must be identified with Name and Email as Biller and Agree to the Registration.

1.7. If the Prospective Student is under 18 years of age at time of Registration, the Parent/Guardian of the Prospective Student must provide written permission agreeing to the Enrolment of the Prospective student.

1.7.1. Parent/Guardian is to complete and submit Under 18 Consent Form to enable enrolment to proceed.

1.8. It is the responsibility of the enrolling student to fulfil all enrolment requirements of products purchased within the required time period.

1.8.1. If the purchaser does not fulfil the enrolment requirements of products purchased it is at the discretion of FIT College to deny enrolment at full product cost.

1.9. It is the responsibility of the Enrolling Student to fulfil all Course Completion Requirements of products purchased within the required time period.

1.9.1. If the enrolled student does not fulfil the Course Completion Requirements it is at the discretion of FIT College to deny completion at full product cost.

1.10. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to fulfil all financial requirements of purchased products regardless of enrolling student’s actions

1.10.1. If the student fails to complete the enrolment process, the purchaser forfeits all monies paid

2. Cooling off period

2.1. All products purchased have a 3-day (72hrs) cooling off period commencing at product purchase agreement and ending 3 days thereafter, before which time students can cancel their product purchase agreement with a $250 Cancellation Fee.

2.1.1. $250 Cancellation fee must be paid before cancellation and/or withdrawal can commence.

2.1.2. For courses and products under $500, a $50 Cancellation fee will apply

2.1.3. An approved FIT College Cancellation Form must be completed for all cancellations including those done within cooling off period.

3. Enrolment Requirements

3.1. VET Course Enrolment Requirements

3.1.1. Vet Courses are Nationally Recognised Training courses listed on the FIT College Course Scope (

3.1.2. FIT College Student Enrolment form must be completed and submitted online by enrolling student within 3 days of Registration

3.2. Short Course Enrolment Requirements

3.2.1. Short Courses refer to education and training courses outside the VET Scope offered by FIT College.

3.2.2. Short Courses are transferrable up to 7 days prior to the course commencement date

4. Course Completion Requirements

4.1. Completion of VET and Short Courses require fulfilment of all specified FIT College assessment requirements to a competent level as per FIT College and recognised governing body standards.

4.2. All assessment, attendance and financial requirements must be met before completion and certification is actioned by FIT College

4.2.1. All payments must be completed before issuance of certificates

4.2.2. Students must provide FIT College with their USI before certificates can be issued (excluding specific short courses, or students who are not residents of Australia)

4.2.3. Completion date is determined as the date when the final assessment task was deemed competent or final payment is received or student provides USI; whichever occurs last.

4.2.4. Once all conditions are met, certification is issued to the student within 30 calendar days of completion.

4.2.5. It is a students responsibility to ensure their postal address is current. FIT College takes no responsibility if students do not inform us of their new address. Re-issuance fees will apply in this circumstance.

4.2.6. If certificate is lost or damaged, students may apply for their certificates to be re-issued. A re-issuance fee of $50 per certificate will apply.

4.3. Allowable Time

4.3.1. All Certificate qualifications have an allowable time of one (1) year to complete regardless of study mode. For joint courses allowable time is (1) one year per certificate Students enrolled in face to face classes will have free course access from date of enrolment to date of class commencement at which time the 12 months will begin

4.3.2. All Diploma qualifications have an allowable time of two (2) years from date of enrolment to complete regardless of study mode

4.3.3. All Short Courses have an allowable time of three (3) months from date of course attendance, or online enrolment to complete

5. Paysmart Repayment Adjustments

5.1. Repayment Suspension

5.1.1. Repayment Suspension refers to the suspension of payments and does not affect course enrolment or allowable time

5.1.2. Payments can be suspended in 1 month intervals for a fee of $50/month.

5.1.3. Payment Suspensions require full payment of suspension fee and completion of a FIT College approved Suspension Form before Payment suspension is actioned.

5.1.4. At least 48 hours’ notice before the next payment is due must be given to allow for a repayment suspension to be approved

5.1.5. During payment suspension, allowable course time is not extended or affected.

5.1.6. Maximum total payment suspension of 3 months can be applied per 12 month period.

5.2. Repayment Defaults

5.2.1. A default fee of $15 will be added to any default amount and deducted along with the following repayment and in addition to previous unpaid default fees. Course access will be suspended unless discussed with FIT College previously

5.2.2. A second successive default will result in a warning letter with debt collection caution along with previous unpaid default fees and repayments.

5.2.3. Three successive defaults will result in the account being sent to debt collection and all course access removed.

6. Course Extension, Deferment & Cancellation

6.1. Course Extension

6.1.1. Course Extension refers to the purchase of additional time allowed to complete a course

6.1.2. Allowable time can be added to enrolment for a fee of $50 per month added and requires the completion of an Extension Form

6.1.3. A course that has expired must be extended within 30 days of expiration or FIT college may cancel course enrolment

6.1.4. Courses must be extended until financial agreements have been fulfilled unless all course assessment has been completed

6.2. Course Deferment

6.2.1. Course Deferment refers to the suspension of course activity and access for a predetermined amount of time, extending allowable time for the duration of deferment. Fee for Deferment is $50 per month for a maximum of 12 weeks.

6.3. Course Cancellation

6.3.1. Course enrolment can be cancelled within cooling off period for a $250 fee per qualification, this fee does not apply for products and courses under $500. These attract a cancellation fee of $50 per course

6.3.2. Courses commenced cannot be cancelled unless application for extenuating circumstances have been approved

6.3.3. Course and/or repayment cancellation and unspecified adjustment requests require proof of extenuating circumstances and reasonable cause provided along with completion of an Extenuating Circumstance Request Form. Approval of a request due to an extenuating circumstance will be made at FIT Colleges discretion Refunds will only be issued if FIT College is unable to provide the Training & Assessment services advertised at time of enrolment

6.3.4. FIT College reserve the right to cancel or vary any course or subject

7. Change of Enrolment

7.1. Change Course Mode

7.1.1. All students have the right to apply to make changes to their enrolment.

7.1.2. All requests for change of course study mode must be made in writing by using the Application to Changes to Enrolment Form and submitting to Head Office.

7.1.3. An application to change mode of study may attract administration and upgrade fees.

7.1.4. All students have the right to apply to make changes to their enrolment without charge on one occasion. After that, there will be an administration fee of $250 per active course for each study mode change requested. All reasonable requests will be met. Any extenuating circumstances should be disclosed during the application to enable a fully informed decision to be made.

8. Refunds

8.1. All refund requests will be reviewed by FIT College and will be individually assessed

8.2. All decisions will be communicated to the student via email within 30 business days

8.3. All approved refunds are subject to a non-refundable administration fee of $250 per qualification

8.4. These are the following grounds that a refund will be granted

8.4.1. FIT College cancels a course before the formal classes have commenced

8.4.2. FIT College is unable to provide the training and services outlined at time of product purchase agreement

8.4.3. A credit that relates to an overpayment

8.5. These are the following grounds that a refund will NOT be granted

8.5.1. The student changes their mind

8.5.2. Assessment has been submitted for marking

8.5.3. Student’s financial/employment/personal circumstances change

8.5.4. Student has failed to complete the course within allowable time without an approved extension or deferral

9. General Terms

9.1. Students are bound by all policies and procedures of FIT College.

9.2. Students are required to follow all lawful instructions given by employees and staff of FIT College.

9.3. Terms and Conditions do not remove the student’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law. These laws cannot be contracted out of.

9.4. FIT College reserve the right to amend, modify and vary the content of our website and other publications

9.5. Students consent to FIT College collecting personal information and to the disclosure of personal information to relevant 3rd parties. For further details refer to FIT College Privacy Policy.

9.6. Students are required to declare that all information they provide will be true and correct and not false and misleading.

9.7. Students give consent for employees of FIT College to communicate with students via email.

9.8. All past, present and future rights to intellectual property, including but not limited to photos, slides, branding etc, belong to FIT College

9.9. Students agree to not upload or post any prohibited content anywhere on FIT College website or social media platforms

9.10. FIT College are not responsible or liable in any manner for any user generated content. Although we include strict provisions regarding user generated content in these terms and conditions, we do not control, and are not responsible for what users post on or through our sites and are not responsible for any offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful, infringing or otherwise objectionable or illegal user generated content you may encounter with your use of our sites.

9.11. This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Queensland, Australia.

9.12. This procedure provides two avenues for students to resolve their concerns or complaints within FIT College:

9.12.1. Informal resolution where students discuss their concern directly with the person/s or area whose actions have led to the concern

9.12.2. Formal resolution of complaints refer to Complaints and Appeals Policy

Student Induction & Orientation

Once you’ve completed the Registration Process with the Career Advisor and agreed to the Terms and Conditions as outlined in this handbook, you can now complete your enrolment via our online enrolment page. This will allow us to gather all your personal details and help us to work out whether you are eligible for government subsidised training.

During this enrolment phase you will be asked to provide a USI. Click HERE for more details (link to USI heading below)
Once your enrolment has been completed you will be sent an email notifying you that your enrolment has entered the system. Our administration team are notified at the same time, and they will then start the process of setting you up in the Cloud Campus. (This process can take up to 48 hours depending on the day and time you complete your enrolment.)

When this process is completed you will receive an email containing your login details to access the course material on the Cloud Campus.
Students attending a face to face campus will be contacted by the Campus Coordinator prior to the commencement of classes to give them information on orientation and attending the first class.

Online students will receive a welcome communication message from their appointed online tutor. This will outline how to get started, and the best communications methods. Online students can always call Head Office on 1300 887 017 to get help from one of our education team. Student support hours:
Mon – Sun 7am – 7pm (AEST) - call out side business hours or on weekend may ask you to leave a message and request a call back. This usually occurs in less than 2 hours

Legislative Requirements

FIT College is committed to providing quality training and assessment in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)2015. As such, FIT College is required to ensure it complies with Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation and regulatory requirements relevant to its operations, integrate these into policies and procedures, maintain compliance and inform staff and clients of changes to legislation that affect the services delivered.

FIT College will ensure that:

  • Compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements is monitored and maintained;
  • It maintains copies of or access to all legislation that affects its business and /or is services delivered;
  • Legislation and regulatory requirements relevant to its operations are integrated into its policies and procedures;
  • All staff and students are provided with information regarding changes in legislation and regulatory requirements that affects their duties or participation in vocational education and training services provided.


FIT College endeavours to provide a learning environment supportive of group and individual learning. Students are expected to take responsibility, in line with all current workplace practices and legislation, for their own learning and behaviour during both on- and off-the-job training and assessment. This requires support from all students and presenters. It is therefore expected that students will:

  • Respect the rights of other students attending the course
  • Be respectful of FIT College and FC Education staff and representatives
  • Refrain from behaviour that is disruptive, offensive or may undermine group dynamics
  • Sign and agree to the behaviour expectations outlined on the Student Behaviour Agreement.

Disciplinary Action

Students are also expected to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour during both on– and off-the-job training and assessment. Work Experience behaviour must comply with the standards of the individual business or Fitness Centre. These expectations will be clearly outlined at initial consultation with vocational placement. Any breaches of behaviour will result in the student being handled via FIT College’s Disciplinary Procedures and thus may be expelled from study and not receive certification. If a student is deemed to have negative and detrimental behaviour in or out of the College (whilst studying in FIT College tuition hours or work experience) and is expelled from study – it will be at the discretion of FIT College management as to whether that student can join another course in the future, or not at all. In each case – the full amount of course fees will be paid to FIT College.


FIT College is committed to complying with obligation under Privacy Act 1988, and the associated Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), specifically in the way it collects, uses, secures and discloses personal information. FIT College is committed to safeguarding any confidential information obtained by the RTO.

FIT College will ensure :

  • It maintains and provides a current Privacy Policy;
  • Information gathered for the express purpose of training and assessment matters will not be disclosed to a third party unless prior written consent is provided by the individual concerned, except that required by law;

Work Health & Safety

FIT College is committed to providing a learning environment which is free from safety and health hazards and that all staff, students and visitors are fully informed of these safety and health requirements including Emergency Procedures that affect their duties or participation in vocational education and training.

FIT College will:

  • Provide staff, students and contractors a safe and healthy learning environment;
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace to allow all our employees to perform their tasks to their maximum potential, safely and efficiently; and
  • Comply with relevant laws, regulations and standards.

Access & Equity

FIT College is committed to providing quality training and assessment products and services in compliance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.

FIT College promotes, encourages and values equity and diversity with regard to learners. FIT College will ensure services offered are provided in a fair and equitable manner to all learners, free from bias.

FIT College is committed to providing flexible learning and assessment options, allowing learners alternatives which recognise the diversity of their individual needs and circumstances aiding them in their learning goals.

FIT College will ensure:

  • All training and assessment policies and procedures incorporate access and equity principles;
  • All learners have equitable access to the benefits of training and assessment irrespective of their gender, age, race, religion, culture, linguistic background, marital status, geographic location, socio-economic background, disability, sexual preference, family responsibility or political conviction;
  • All nominations and enrolments into training courses and programs will be conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible manner, ensuring fairness and compliance with Equal Opportunity legislation; and
  • All learners have equitable access to training resources, facilities, equipment, support services, information, training and assessment personnel, materials, assessment opportunities, training opportunities.

Harassment, Antidiscrimination and Bullying

FIT College aims to sustain a climate and culture for participants, where harassment and victimisation are unacceptable forms of behaviour. FIT College philosophy is that all participants have the right to be treated equally regardless of job status, age, race, background, educational opportunities, gender, sexual preference, marital and parental status, national or ethnic origin, religious or political beliefs, physical and mental impairment, social origin, political opinion, trade union activity, criminal record, medical history or HIV status (all of which are “protected characteristics” i.e.: those characteristics protected by law).

FIT College participants have the right to enjoyment of the training environment which is free from discrimination, harassment or bullying behaviour of any sort. FIT College promotes acceptance and recognises the equality of all people by ensuring that all participants receive fair and equal consideration. Any person failing to adhere to this policy may be subject to disciplinary action. This may include termination of employment and/or removal of the learner from the training course.

Complaints/Appeals Procedure

Informal complaints/appeal resolution

Students who are dissatisfied with academic decisions, procedural matters or any issues that directly relate to the successful completion of their course may take their grievance/appeal to:

  • Teacher/lecturer
  • Student services (RTO Manager)

The complaint or appeal can be presented in person or in writing. Written form can be by e-mail or letter and should use the Complaints and Appeals Form. FIT College will then follow a set process to deal with the issue.

Students have the right to appeal the outcome of an assessment if they feel that their work has not been assessed fairly or they have other concerns with the process leading to their result.

Formal complaints resolution

Follow the formal complaints process if the complaint cannot be resolved informally. Complainants/Appellants have (3) three months from the incident date to lodge a formal complain/appeal The process will begin within 10 days of lodging the formal complaint.

  • 1. A written (formal) complaint is to be lodged with the RTO Manager outlining the circumstances of the complaint/appeal.
  • 2. A written record of the complaint will be completed and a written statement of the outcome (to include details and reasons) will be provided once completed.
  • 3. The complainant will be given an opportunity to formally present his or her case at no cost to him or herself.

External Complaints Resolution

If, after following your RTO’s internal procedures, you still believe the RTO is breaching or has breached its legal requirements, you can submit a complaint to ASQA.

ASQA, the Australian Skills Quality Authority is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector. ASQA regulates courses and training providers to ensure nationally approved quality standards are met.

Complaints to ASQA must be made by completing the online complaint form at Except in exceptional circumstances, you must attach evidence to your complaint form showing:

  • That you have followed your RTO’s formal complaints procedure, and
  • The RTO’s response.

ASQA’s processes require you to identify yourself to ASQA as a complainant, although you may request that your identity is kept confidential throughout any investigation that ASQA undertakes.

If you wish to discuss your situation with a third party, the state Training Ombudsman would be the best choice.

Contact details for the State Ombudsman Offices are available from the websites below:

If the student chooses to access the Complaints and Appeals process FIT College will maintain the student’s enrolment while the complaints and appeals process is ongoing.

If the internal or external complaint handling or appeal process results in a decision that supports the student, FIT College will immediately implement any decision and/or corrective and preventative action required and advise the student of the outcome.

Student Monitoring and Support

FIT College continually monitors students’ progress to ensure the achievement of course requirements. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that students satisfactorily progress towards course completion within the designated time frame (e.g. 12 months), and that, in the event this appears to be unlikely, adequate redress is instigated.

Recognition of Prior Learning/Recognition of Qualifications Issued by Other RTOs/Credit Transfers

Recognition of prior learning assessment is available to all students. FIT College and FC Education recognises registered qualifications and units of competency issued by any other registered training organisation and may provide recognition of prior learning or credit transfer for any formal learning that a student has completed. Application for RPL must be submitted with supporting documents and candidates must satisfy the competencies of the unit being sought. Students will be charged an assessment fee for the RPL process.

Any testamur or statement of attainment issued by another RTO must be verified by a Justice of the Peace prior to being submitted for RPL Application or Credit transfer request.

  • Any student wishing to apply for an assessment of RPL must do so by submitting the RPL application form and pay a $125 application fee.
  • Once accepted into the RPL process additional fees may be required. Please refer to the application form for full fee breakdown.
  • On completion of the RPL, gap training fees will be calculated for the remaining competencies ($250 each) PLUS the RPL fee before full enrolment can occur.


 It is a requirement that a student enrolled in a face to face class attends a minimum of 80% of ALL classes. all attendances are recorded and students will be called if classes are missed regularly to discuss the enrolment.

All course dates; days and timeframes will be issued to the student prior to the course commencement date as well as reiterated in the student induction process. Online students are not required to attend face-to-face lectures, however attendance at student support sessions is optional as part of the online study.

If a face to face student chooses not to attend classes and misses classes regularly their enrolment will be changed to online and they must submit all assessment tasks through the Cloud Campus under the same conditions and requirements of an Online student.


Plagiarism is the act of misrepresenting as one’s own original work the ideas, interpretations, words or creative works of another. These include published and unpublished documents, designs, music, sounds, images, photographs, computer codes and ideas gained through working in a group. These ideas, interpretations, words or works may be found in print and/or electronic media. In a study environment, cheating means to act dishonestly in any way so that the assessor of the work accepts what you present as genuinely representing your understanding of, and ability in, the subject concerned.

Plagiarism is to copy work without acknowledging the source and is a form of cheating. FIT College and FC Education will not tolerate plagiarism or cheating, and a penalty may be imposed if you are accused of either.

Plagiarism includes the following:

  • Use notes or other resources without permission during formal testing
  • Hand in someone else’s work as your own (with or without that person’s permission)
  • Hand in a completely duplicated assignment
  • Take work without the author’s knowledge
  • Allow someone else to hand up your work as their own
  • Have several people write one assessment task or exercise and submit multiple copies, all represented (implicitly or explicitly) as individual work
  • Use any part of someone else’s work without the proper acknowledgement (includes web-based work)
  • Steal an examination or solution from a teacher.

If you are suspected of cheating, the teacher will investigate to establish evidence to support the suspicion. If there is evidence to support the suspicion, the teacher will notify the RTO Manager about the concerns. You will have the opportunity to counter the allegations made against you. Once you have provided your information, the RTO Manager may come to one of two decisions:

  • Minor or unintentional offence – you will need to undergo an alternative form of assessment, or resubmit a completely rewritten task.
  • Serious offence – you will be deemed Not Yet Competent for the entire Topic, and will have to resubmit all assessment.
  • Repeated offences will result in exclusion from the current course and future courses. In this instance all course fees will still need to be paid in full.



All students undertaking nationally recognised training in Australia need to have a unique student identifier (USI). A USI is effectively a reference number made up of numbers and letters that will give you access to your USI account. It will look something like this: 3AW88YH9U5.

The USI will stay with you for life and will be recorded with any nationally recognised vocational education and training (VET) course that is undertaken. The USI will allow you to have easier and more reliable online access to your record of training history. You will also be able to produce a comprehensive transcript of your training. This can be used when applying for a job, seeking a credit transfer, or demonstrating pre-requisites when undertaking further training. If you don’t already have a USI, access this website to set one up:

You must provide your USI to FIT College to be issued with your certificate at the completion of your training.


Every competency that is completed at the College will require the student to undergo a number of assessment tasks, both written and practical. The assessment tasks are designed to confirm that the student is able to competently conduct all elements and performance criteria as indicated in the curriculum. Assessment tasks are contained within each assessment workbook provided for each subject. Students are encouraged to always keep in mind that the assessment reflects specific requirements of the career they have selected. By achieving competency in each of the assessment pieces, students are ready and eligible to perform those elements in the workplace.

Students are required to ensure:

  • 1. A copy of their work is saved before submitting it so if requested a second copy could be submitted (this is your responsibility).
  • 2. All written assessment must be submitted as a typed document.
  • 3. All practical assessment must be viewed and signed off by:
    • a. A FIT College Assessor in class time,
    • b. A FIT College Assessor during a student support session, or
    • c. A fitness professional with equal qualification to the course the student is studying who is working in the industry.
  • 4. If a student does not understand what is expected in each of the assessment tasks they are to contact their teacher or tutor immediately.

Assessment Submission

Completed assessment is to be submitted to the College via the options shown below. Students will be notified when the assessment has been received and marking has commenced. If you do not receive this email, notify the College immediately via email.

Submission of your completed assessment asks can be made as follows:

  • 1. Electronic Upload:
    • a. Use the upload function in your student lounge for each task to submit assessment items for marking – be sure to save a backup copy to your hard drive.
    • b. Be sure to check the size of your file and be aware of the time large files may take and the limits to your monthly broadband provider account.
  • 2. Submission via Post:
    • a. When granted special permission to send items via post, please address to ‘FIT College – Assessment Department’, 8 / 102 Wises Road, Maroochydore, QLD. 4558 (Please note: We recommend that you use registered post – or alternatively have another copy of your work at home, just in case there is a problem with the post)




Assessment appeals must be taken within two weeks of you receiving your results. If you are concerned that you did not perform as well as you anticipated or that you are in doubt as to the assessment marking procedure, please take the following steps:

  • 1. Request that your assessment be reviewed by the teacher to identify any unusual or incorrect marking, or to identify where you did not perform well. This can be achieved via the telephone or proceed to step 2.
  • 2. Make an appointment to sit down with your teacher and review the assessment to identify the difficulties. At this stage a learning difficulty may be identified that was previously undetected. In this case a verbal assessment may be arranged. If at this point a suitable solution has not been agreed upon proceed to step 3.
  • 3. The teacher will liaise with the RTO Manager to seek a solution. This will require up to 7 days. If at this point a suitable solution has not been agreed upon, proceed to step 4
  • 4. The RTO Manager may choose to call a minuted meeting with the teacher, student, and any other interested parties (e.g. parents) in order to find, and later, action a resolve.
  • 5. If unsuccessful, the student may request the assistance of an independent mediator at the student’s own expense in attempt to reach an equitable and reasonable solution.
  • 6. FIT College and FC Education will provide the appellant with a written statement of the appeal outcome.




Enrolment and Study Information

A student will be notified of their confirmed enrolment once all the necessary paperwork and payments have been finalised. This includes payment of the course fee or deposit and PaySmart plan completed. If under the age of 18 you will need to have your parent/guardian confirm both your enrolment and payment procedure.

Payment of your course fees

As per the College Agreement – you are liable for all monies in accordance with the agreed course price. Payment Options consist of one of the following (in which you have already confirmed with your Careers Advisor at the time of Registration.

  • Full Amount (Pay in Full)
  • Deposit and Payment Plan (PaySmart)
  • Funded Traineeship or partial funding

All Face to Face Students

What to Wear:
College Staff cover the expectations and requirements for uniform during the first session. However smart casual clothing should meet with minimum standards at times.
What to Bring:

  • We will explain how the course is conducted and what is required (if anything) each day. But for reference – Pens and paper is required for all note taking.
  • Please note: Only water is allowed in the classroom. There is no food allowed at any time in the classroom.
  • The campus has access to fridges, a microwave and seating area for meal times – as well as storage for bags and personal things.


FIT College expects that you will need to complete at additional hours of home study outside the formal face to face classes (revision and practice) to become fully competent and graduate. The expected number of hours required for each form of study are as follows:

  • Full time face to face students – 2-4 hours per day
  • Part time face to face students – 6-10 hours per week

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must be switched to SILENT at all times and not used in classrooms unless required as part of the class activities. Please understand that mobile phones disrupt trainers, lessons and students’ concentration. Please be considerate to all. If students continue to leave their mobile phones switched on, the College reserves the right to confiscate the phones until the end of the day and/or ask the student to leave the class. Confiscated phones may be collected from the Campus Coordinator or Careers Advisor. Please note, if students need to be contacted by their families as a matter of urgency, messages can be left with office administration and these will be delivered to the class for the student.


The College is a smoke free zone. Students wishing to smoke must do so outside and away from the College. Amendments to the Smoke-free Environment ACT 2000 and Smoke-free Environment Regulation 2007 make it an offence to smoke within four (4) metres of the doorway to any public building (Jan 2013). Local council officers are authorised to issue on the spot fines for breaches of these regulations.

Online Students Information

Online Study Guide

You can find an Online Study Guide in the Course Resources section for each qualification to assist with allocating time towards your study and helping you determine your completion schedule. Typically you will need to allow for approximately 5 hours per week to complete the online tasks for one qualification in 52 weeks or 10 hours per week to complete it in 26 weeks. This is in addition to the practical time explained below.

Additional Students Information – Online Fitness Qualifications
Student Support Sessions

Support Sessions are held at all FIT College Campuses by a FIT College Trainer and Assessor. Attendance at these sessions is optional and provides opportunity for online students to speak with a teacher face to face, get support with assessment tasks and perform practical tasks in front of a Trainer and Assessor. Dates and locations for Support Sessions can be found in the Cloud Campus Calendar.

Provide First Aid

The Provide First Aid unit (HLTAID003) which is part of the Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30315) is not provided to online students as part of the course. This is because of logistics of delivery. All online students are to fund their own Provide First Aid course. Online students can attend a FIT College Provide First Aid course, and will be given a student discount on the fee for that course.

Internet and Computer Recommendations.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to complete any course work with FIT College, you will need the use of a computer and internet to access lecture notes and resources, download assessment tasks and complete exams online.

All students have full access to FIT College Cloud Campus.

This is an amazing advantage to you – as you can continue your study from anywhere, anytime. The College Cloud Campus has many resources available to download and view. You can access the resources anywhere, due to the online nature! This will ensure you can enhance your learning and education journey.

Therefore, it is recommended that you have an efficient computer that will enable a quality internet connection as well as a suitable internet plan.

We recommend you have at least ADSL 1 or higher broadband internet connection and have a monthly download limit of at least 50gb.

During your study with the College – you will have access to;

  • Course work and information to download and complete (PDF Files)
  • Course lectures and voice over videos (WMV and MOV files are available and range from 5mb to 50mb each)
  • Resource manuals and supplementary resources (PDF)
  • Online links
  • Exercise database of videos
  • Practical exercise and course videos plus much more!

Programs required to effectively study with FIT College.

FIT College and FC Education online has been developed across all platforms (i.e. PC and MAC). Assessment tasks require you to create videos and upload/submit through your student profile. You will need:

  • Capacity to film video and create video files (Smart phones are ideal)
  • Transfer videos to your PC to upload to FIT College Online
  • Access to video compression software to reduce file size (if filming in high resolution)

The programs we suggest you consider accessing for your study that will enable you to access course work and resources are listed below.

PC Users

  • Most internet browsers will function with our Cloud Campus, however you must make sure that you update your browser regularly to ensure it remains functional.
  • Media application to view .WMV files (i.e. Windows media player)
  • PDF viewer (i.e. Adobe Acrobat reader – latest version)
  • A document viewer (i.e. Notepad, Microsoft Word or equivalent)
  • Skype (for Skype tutorials from FIT Coaches)
  • A printer (to print course work – if required)
  • A scanner (not mandatory – but can assist in submission to Learning Platform).
  • A smart phone, video camera, or the ability to borrow one

MAC Users

  • Safari Internet Browser
  • Media Application to view .MOV files (i.e. QuickTime player)
  • PDF viewer (i.e. Adobe Acrobat reader)
  • A document viewer (i.e. Microsoft Word for MAC, TextEdit or equivalent)
  • Skype (if applicable for Skype tutorials from FIT Coaches)
  • A printer (to print course work – if required)
  • A scanner (not mandatory – but can assist in submission of assessment to FIT College Learning Platform).
  • A smart phone, video camera, or the ability to borrow one

Many of these programs are all available to download online free. Please discuss any queries you have or issues you may face with a College staff member if you are concerned in any way.

Use of Personal Electronic Equipment

Students are welcome to use their tablets/notebooks/laptops at college for note taking/working on assessments. Students are required to ensure that their equipment is fully charged before attending class and may not connect their equipment to the power supply whilst using the equipment. Students use their own equipment at their own risk and FIT College is not liable for any data loss or damage to equipment caused by use of a College power source. Students must be conscious of safety when connecting to the power supply.

Students who are found to be using their laptops/notebooks or tablet devices during class for non-subject related activities (e.g. social media/gaming) will not be permitted to use their equipment in class.

Using The FIT College Cloud Campus

The FIT College Cloud Campus has been developed for all students. Regardless of your mode of study you have access to this platform and it is important that you have the correct computer and software as suggested previously. Once set up, you can log in and start studying.

Username and password

Your username and password will be emailed to you after enrolment. Please check your junk folder in case it does not appear in your inbox. We recommend you save this and copy and paste it when using it make sure the correct characters are used.

Loss of Password

Should a current student forget their password to the College Cloud Campus, they will need to return to the ‘student login’ screen and tick the hyperlink that says they have a lost password. The students’ password will be sent to the students email address.

Unauthorised access to FIT College and FC Education Cloud Campus.

Should a student divulge their password to anyone else and that person gains access to the Cloud Campus, and the College becomes aware of this – the student will be locked out of until such time as the College can determine an appropriate course of action. Under no circumstance should a student divulge their secure login details to any third party. It is the responsibility of the enrolled student to ensure they are the only person that uses/knows their password and accesses the Cloud Campus. Should a student willingly give access to anyone besides themselves, and College personnel can determine that this has in fact taken place, the student will be locked from the website until an appropriate course of action can be determined. In extreme cases students will be denied access to any future study with the College and no refund or remittance will be paid back to the student.

Exam attendance (Student MUST sit own exams)

Students MUST sit their own online exams. If the College becomes aware that a student has divulged their password to a third party to sit the exam, or had guidance at the time of the exam, that student will be locked out from the Cloud Campus and in extreme cases expelled from study at the College. Please refer to a College representative if there are any further questions related to this point.

Redistribution of Online Study Material

If a student redistributes the course material and intellectual property of the College, the student will be in breach of copyright. A student CAN NOT distribute any study material, take a screen shot of the College’s student area, Cloud Campus or study and course material. A student has access to read, study and work on the material provided – this does not mean it can be viewed or distributed to any third party in any case. Should a student be found guilty of a breach of copyright – the appropriate measures will be taken. If there are any further questions in relation to redistribution of the College’s intellectual property – please talk to a College representative.

Breach of Copyright/ Intellectual Property

If a student is to be found guilty of a breach of copyright of the College’s intellectual property, that student will be expelled from their current course of study with the College, and not allowed to study in the future. FIT College and FC Education has developed a truly unique set of Teaching and Assessment resources using paid consultants to develop it over an extended period of time. If it is found that a breach of contractual terms of the College’s Intellectual Property occurs – then FIT College or FC Education may pursue reimbursement for some of the costs based on fees of course development. This will be pursued through legal steps.




Learning & Assessment Strategies

FIT College and FC Education aims to maximise learning opportunities for its students. It is very important to check that your course information is correct and that it meets your requirements. Please take note of the date and time of classes, assessments, deadlines and content. We will endeavour to be flexible in order to meet your particular training needs. However, in accommodating your needs we must also ensure that we do not disadvantage other students. Wherever possible, please discuss your individual needs with your trainer prior to attendance at training. If you feel that your needs are not being met, please discuss this with the campus coordinator or email to or

Insurance Cover During Study

During your study with FIT College, you will be covered against public liability and professional indemnity. This means you are able to undertake training and assessment activities within a business or facility. These activities should be undertaken under the supervision of a qualified trainer and assessor or fitness industry professional, and you must be undertaking approved activities.

If you are performing work experience or practical activities for a third-party supervisor, you may need to explain to other industry professionals and business owners how you are covered by insurance for completing assessment tasks in their facility or under their supervision.

Here is a summary of the insurance cover for students of FIT College.

  • FIT College holds public liability insurance to cover all training and/or assessment activities it asks students to complete while studying with FIT College. This cover does not include activities that are not part of the course or outside the Fitness Australia scope of practice for fitness professionals that we support and endorse.
  • Our insurance does not cover Students materials and personal belongings for things such as theft and anything else not relative to Public Liability or Professional Indemnity.
  • All facilities where we have a physical campus and from where we run face to face classes, have FIT College Included in their Public Liability and Professional Indemnity and they in turn are interested parties on our policies.

We also encourage all fitness students to register as a student with Fitness Australia while you are studying and take advantage of free insurance, see this link.

Participant Counselling Services & Support

All students at FIT College and FC Education are treated as individuals and offered advice and support services to assist them in achieving their identified outcomes.

Students are offered support in language and literacy (by referral) when appropriate. FIT College and FC Education provides advice on training and assessment pathways and if these are beyond the resources of the college, students will be referred to other agencies.

Student Support Hours

Education staff are available to answer questions 7 days a week between 7:00am and 7:00pm (Qld time) on 1300 887 017. However, due to various teaching loads you may need to leave a message and ask for a call back if they are on another support call at the time you call.

Student Tutorials

FIT College and FC Education provides support for all students with the availability of tutorial sessions.

Students who have been identified and qualify for added assistance will complete a ‘Learning Support Notification Form’ which will provide them with additional support and tutorials. Tutorials are an additional service offered by the College and it is essential that students book in advance to use the service.

Tutorials are to be booked in through reception or teacher. Questions / areas of focus need to be identified 24 hours prior when booking in.

Student Welfare and Guidance

Educational and training guidance is freely available to all students. This includes adjustments and modifications to assessment and training and advice on pathways and directions. Student welfare support is given in the form of referrals to other agencies.

Privacy – Access to Students Records

Each student’s records are available on request. Students’ records are not available to other people unless the College is requested in writing by the student to allow such access. FIT College and FC Education will NOT release your details to ANY third party unless authorisation is given by the student.

FIT College and FC Education will make sure that all relevant records are current, accurate and maintain their integrity. Students may have access to their own records if prior arrangements with the college have been made. These records are secured by the college to ensure confidentiality and are kept for a period of 7 years. Access by other people apart from administration staff is granted only when the student provides written permission or for mandatory audits such as those carried out by ASQA. Access is also granted under the rights of the private information act.

Retention of Students’ Work

FIT College and FC Education is required by the VET regulator to retain and securely store completed student assessments for verification and review purposes for a minimum of 26 weeks after the date of assessment. Students may request the return of their work by writing to the Campus Manager before this period has passed and providing details on how you wish to collect your work. FIT College and FC Education reserves the right to dispose of materials not claimed after the retention period has elapsed.




Our continuous improvement of services

FIT College and FC Education is committed to the continuous improvement of our training and assessment services, Student services and management systems. Central to this commitment is our approach to continuous improvement and the procedures we apply to achieve systematic and sustained improvement.

Student Feedback Survey

At the completion of your training program, you will be issued with a Student Feedback Survey. This is a survey tool, which is designed to collect feedback from students about their experience with the College in undertaking nationally recognised training. Your completion and return of this survey is important to the College for our ongoing improvement of services and to enable us to report this information to our registering authority. Your assistance in gathering this survey data is greatly appreciated.

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