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FIT College was formed with one simple goal: To graduate quality Personal Trainers ready to work in any fitness environment. Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to provide high quality courses, practical and varied learning materials, and a broad range of interesting and helpful resources to create the highest quality courses available. FIT College also operates FC Education which delivers Training and Education & Business and Management courses.

Our core values define how we operate as a Registered Training Organisation. They are:

  • Operate with honesty
  • Work with integrity & dignity
  • Show commitment
  • Grow with flexibility to adapt & change
  • Demonstrate respect for all cultural backgrounds, values & beliefs
  • Strive to deliver the highest-quality of training & assessment
  • Create high quality and industry-ready graduates



Please read these Terms and Conditions in conjunction with the Student Handbook which can be accessed from the link at the bottom of this page. 

1. Course Registration

1.1. A course registration agreement is required by the prospective learner for the purchase of course products.

1.2. If the course product is purchased on behalf of the prospective learner, all consenting parties must complete the course registration agreement.

1.3. Consenting parties agreeing to the course registration acknowledge having read and understand the FIT College terms and conditions, and relevant third-party company terms associated with the registration, course purchase or enrolment.

1.4. By agreeing to a registration with FIT College, all consenting parties are liable for the learner’s full course cost of the purchased course product(s). Methods of registration provisions and agreement are defined in Appendix B.

1.5. The minimum age for enrolment is 16 years and any prospective learner under the age of 18, must have parent/guardian consent to register for a course. The parent/guardian will be responsible for all contractual aspects of the course on the learners behalf, including the financial agreement which must be in the parent/guardian’s name. 

1.6. Prospective learners must complete a FIT College enrolment online ( Failure to complete online enrolment within 7-days following the registration agreement may affect course accessibility and learner’s ability to progress with study.

1.7. There is a 72-hour cooling off period that begins when the registration is agreed to by all consenting parties.

1.8. Upon concluding the cooling off period (72-hours), consenting parties are liable to uphold their respective responsibilities including but not limited to, the completion of study by learners, and the fulfilment of the financial agreement to pay the full course costs.

1.9. Adjustments to registrations after agreement must be authorised by FIT College before they are actioned. To request an adjustment, refer to the action requests section in Appendix C. A learner action request form must be completed and submitted for FIT College to acknowledge a learner’s request to make changes.

2. Payment Plans

2.1. FIT College payment plans are established through the third-party FFA Paysmart (Direct Debit Service). Registrations not associated with a payment plan, can disregard all terms and conditions listed in Item 2.

2.2. The direct debit request service agreement is provided to consenting parties and housed by FFA PaySmart. FFA PaySmart terms and conditions of service are listed on their website.

2.3. PaySmart and its subsidiaries are recognised by FIT College. See listing under digital platform (Appendix A).

2.4. PaySmart also supply their terms and conditions to the consenting parties responsible for learner financial obligations after establishment of the payment plan.

2.5. Each time a payment defaults, the PaySmart account incurs a fee Defaulting can result in legal action at the discretion of FIT College as a violation of the purchase agreement. Refer to Item 5 (Fees & Charges) for further information.

2.6. Adjustments to an existing payment plan by consenting parties of a registration must be authorised by FIT College before they are actioned. To request an adjustment, refer to the action requests section in Appendix C. A learner action request form must be completed and submitted for FIT College to acknowledge a learners request to make changes.

2.7. Request for change of direct debit details (payment plans) must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the debit date. Any request within the 48 hours period prior will not come into effect until the following payment cycle.

3.Education & Course Delivery

3.1. It is the responsibility of the learner alone to fulfil all enrolment requirements pertaining to the completion of the purchased course products within the permitted allowable time. See Appendix A for allowable time of courses.

3.2. All VET courses offered by FIT College are nationally recognised training courses listed on the FIT College course scope (

3.3. It is the responsibility of learner to fulfil registered course requirements before the certificate is issued. Registered courses must also be paid in full before certificate can be issued, even if the course is complete.

3.4. Completion date is determined as the date when the final assessment task was deemed competent.

3.5. Certificate issue date is determined as the date when all financial and education requirements for the course product purchased have been fulfilled.

3.6. FIT College will issue digital certificates to the students email account registered with FIT College. Hard copies of certificates may be requested. Refer to Item 5 (Fees & Charges) for further information.

3.7. If certificate is lost or damaged, students may apply for their certificates to be re-issued. A re-issuance fee will apply. Refer to Item 5 (Fees & Charges) for further information.

3.8. Adjustments to an existing enrolment must be authorised by FIT College before they are actioned. To request an adjustment, refer the action requests section in Appendix C. A learner action request form must be completed and submitted for FIT College to acknowledge the learners change request.

4. Product Purchase

4.1. All products purchased from FIT College must be paid in full before the product is provided to the purchaser.

4.2. FIT College complies with the Australian Consumer Law. If a product is faulty or not what you ordered, FIT College will replace or refund the purchased value on return of the purchased product. Return of the faulty or incorrect product is at the cost of the purchaser and FIT College will not cover return delivery costs.

4.3. Fitness Insurance products are provided through LEA Insurance Brokers and all claims and insurance matters should be addressed to them as underwriters for this product. Fitness insurance activation requires consent by the purchaser to provide contact details to LEA Insurance Brokers. Purchasers must provide consent for FIT College to transfer information to LEA Insurance Brokers before the insurance product can be activated.

4.4. The purchaser can only activate the insurance product through communication with LEA Insurance brokers, it does not automatically commence and no responsibility will be taken by FIT College for a purchasers failure to activate this by communicating directly with LEA Insurance Brokers.

5. Fees & Charges

5.1. Within or after the cooling off period, an additional fee of $250 applies to cancel courses with a value over $500.

5.2. Within or after the cooling off period, a $50 fee applies to cancel courses with a value below $500.

5.3. A hard copy of your certificate may be requested with a fee of $50 per copy issued.

5.4. Extensions to the allowable time to complete course purchased cost $50/month or part thereof.

5.5. A change of study mode, delivery location or intake for registered course costs $250 (Administration Fee), unless within cooling off period of the course registration. The first change of enrolment request will be free of charge unless upgrading from online to campus study (Upgrade costs will apply). Subsequent changes will require payment of Administration Fee before the change is made.

5.6. Changes to direct debit details or payment plan details are free of charge.

5.7. Payments may be suspended for a maximum of (8) weeks per direct debit plan for the duration of its lifetime.

5.8. Each defaulted payment will incur a $15 dishonour fee. After (3) defaulted payments, the dishonour fee will be capped at $45 and archive the account. Failure to amend payments will result in the account presented to debt collection.

5.9. To activate your Fitness Insurance Policy, a fee of $50 applies. 

6.Entire Agreement

6.1. FIT College will adopt appropriate clauses from time to time for the management of operational requirements or to meet legal obligations.

6.2. FIT College reserves the right to withdraw or vary Terms & Conditions at any time and you must comply with any variations adopted.

6.3. FIT College Terms & Conditions are located on the student platform and company website for the public to view.



Course Registration

Refers to the process of purchasing course products for a nominated prospective learner. Course registration includes agreement to details pertaining to the course products being purchased and method of payment.

Course Products

Refers to products sold that are educational study in their nature. Course products can be either accredited or non-accredited training.

Study Mode

Refers to the mode in which study for an enrolled and registered course is done. There are numerous campus and online study modes not limited to part time, full time, and flexible online, though these are most common.

Accredited Training/ VET Courses

Refers to training/courses that lead to a formal qualification such as a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma. All VET courses offered by FIT College are nationally recognised training courses and listed on the FIT College course scope (

Direct Debit Payment Plans (PaySmart)

Refers to payment plans that function under a direct debit service agreement. FFA PaySmart is the current debit provider used by FIT College. Information can be found on their website listed in the digital platforms section below. Establishment of payment plans refers to the setup of a direct debit service agreement by FIT College staff on behalf of consenting parties through setup methods supplied by PaySmart.

Consenting Parties

Refers to the individuals required to give consent for the purchase of course products with the intent of a prospective learner to complete course study. The following individuals are required to give consent in addition to the prospective learner.

  • Consenting parent/guardian if learner is under the age of 18
  • Consenting purchaser if a third-party biller is paying for courses


  • FIT College students studying course products, including but not limited to accredited training.
  • Prospective learners refers to individuals who intend on studying course products but are yet to complete enrolment.
  • Registered prospective learners have completed course registration but are yet to complete their enrolment.


Refers to consenting and approved individuals electing to take financial responsibility for a purchase on behalf of other consenting parties.


Refers to individuals with recognised legal responsibility for a learner who can agree and give permission on their behalf.

Online Enrolment

Refers to the online enrolment form that is required to be completed by prospective learners registering for all accredited (VET) courses and some non-accredited courses. Different methods of enrolling in course products may be offered at FIT College’s discretion and will meet all standards required by relevant governing bodies.

Allowable Time

Refers to the amount of time a learner must complete courses they have enrolled in. Allowable time is established by FIT College prior to enrolment and failure of a learner to complete a course within the allowable time will result in the expiration of the course. The following list are the allowable time periods for FIT College courses. Allowable time commences on the date of enrolment.

  • Accredited Certificates - 12 Months per certificate course
  • Accredited Diplomas - 24 Months per diploma course
  • Other accredited courses - 6 months per course
  • Non-accredited short courses - 6 Months per course


Accepted Methods of Registration Provision & Agreement


Registration details are delivered to the email address supplied by the prospective learner and/or biller who acknowledges agreement to the details via reply email. Details may be in an attached document and/or within email content. The creation and provision of registration details for agreement may be from FIT College digital platforms and/or staff.

Analogue/Post or In Person

Registration details may be requested to be delivered to physical address supplied by the prospective learner and/or biller who acknowledges agreement to the details via reply acknowledgement letter or signature on a document containing registration details. The creation and provision of registration details for agreement may be by and/or from FIT College digital platforms or staff.


Action Requests

Learner Action Request Form

Refers to a request of action by a learner to FIT College. The submission of a completed learner action request is required for FIT College to address a learner’s request. This applies but is not limited to the following areas.

  • Change mode of study
  • Change study location
  • Change campus or intake
  • Extend study
  • Withdraw from study
  • Change payment details
  • Suspend payments
  • Resolve a financial issue
  • Receive financial help information
  • Clarification on how payment works
  • Receive learning support
  • Submit a complaint or feedback

Related Processes and Forms Required

The following items are used following the submission of a learner action request form so FIT College can open the case for action. Following submission, FIT College will contact learner for clarification of the request, these forms along with emails and correspondence notes are used to facilitate the learners request and/or solve issues raised.

  • Application to adjust enrolment details
  • Application to adjust payment plan details
  • Appeal for extenuating circumstances
  • Submission of complaint or incident

Resolution of Learner Action Request

Following a learner action request related to a problem or issue and the resolution of their requested action, FIT College record the details of the result on an action request resolution form and email to learner and any consenting parties involved. This information is used by FIT College to develop and improve its business and operations for our learners as part of our continuous improvement policy.

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