Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)  is a formal process that is based on a portfolio of evidence submitted by you, the candidate to achieve recognition for a single or multiple unit of towards a qualification. You will need to provide the following:

• evidence of prior training and qualifications – Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer (CT) for some units of competency in this qualification;
• evidence of current competence -Recognition of Current Competence (RCC)

You build a portfolio of evidence

Each fitness course qualification requires evidence of your ability to be competent in a range of activities and functions demonstrating autonomous work within a range of related situations and activities.

Quality portfolio preparation takes time

We appreciate that evidence gathering and portfolio preparation takes some time. However, it is in your interests to get things organised as quickly as possible.


You need supporting evidence to authenticate that the products and processes you are submitting are indeed your work. Third party letters may be needed to support your portfolio.

Recent evidence is preferred

The assessor is looking for currency of competence so use recent projects as evidence. As a rule of thumb, evidence from the last two years is preferable and do not go back more than five years.

To have skills formally recognised in the national system, assessors must make sure you have the skills and knowledge to meet the fitness industry standard. This means you must be involved in a careful and comprehensive process that covers the content of all fitness course unit/s or qualification/s you can be recognised for.

Assessment happens in a variety of ways. Being prepared can save you valuable time and hassle and make the recognition process stress-free for you.


After you have requested information about the potential opportunity to RPL your previous experiences and formal training, the process will take place as follows:

Preliminary Discussion

The initial discussion may occur with one of our Career Advisors, a teacher/tutor or other member of staff at FIT College. This discussion will explain the RPL process, application required and associated costs or funding opportunities, as well as qualifications involved. You may be asked lots of questions about your previous training, employment and experiences, so try and be honest and go into as much detail as requested.

Advised on Suitability for RPL

Based on the discussion regarding your previous experiences and training, you will be advised if the FIT College staff member considers your situation and experiences suitable for the for the RPL process. The staff member may consult the FIT College Assessor formally on your behalf for further clarification of your suitability before providing you with this advice.

RPL process

The staff member may consult the FIT College Assessor formally on your behalf for further clarification of your suitability before providing you with this advice.

Completion of this RPL Application

If you have been advised that you are eligible for RPL, you will be provided with the RPL Application Kit. You should then go ahead and prepare your RPL Application and submit it to FIT College RPL Officer.
Step 1: Plan Your Recognition Submission

  • Review the Welcome Message
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions. You may find this helpful in clarifying any relevant issues that are unclear.
  • Look at the Fitness Course Structure so that you are familiar with the names of the Units of Competency included in this fitness course you can apply for Recognition for either: 
    • The full Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40221) (all 20 Units of Competency) 
    • Your selection of individual Units of Competency

Step 2: Make Your Recognition Submission

  • Complete the Student Details and Payment Method forms
  • Provide details on how you wish to pay the RPL Application Fee (This will be credited against your RPL Assessment Fee if you proceed with full enrolment)
  • Fully complete the Recognition Submission Cover Sheet
  • Complete the General Evidence Checklist by listing items that you will be including in your Recognition submission.
  • For the Units of Competency in which you are seeking Recognition, complete the Detailed Evidence Checklists by listing documents that you will be including in your Recognition submission.
  • Review the checklist on this page and double-check that you have completed the Recognition Submission Cover Sheet.

Mail or Courier this completed RPL Kit and your Portfolio of Evidence to:
FIT College, 8/102 Wises Road, Maroochydore. Qld 4558

Note that nothing you submit can be returned to you, so do not submit any originals. We also suggest that you take a copy of everything before making your submission. Due to the number of pages required, FIT College cannot receive applications by fax.

To Apply for an RPL or Credit Transfer

To apply please call our Head Office on 1300 887 017 or click the link HERE to email our RPL Assessor. We will then provide you with further details on the process and provide support in guiding you through the application.


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