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Become a Sports coach

SIS50321 Diploma of Sport (coaching)

Study to become a fitness instructor

The Diploma of Sport is a well-rounded program designed for those keen to begin a career in sports.

The coaching stream is a key feature, focusing on developing effective coaches for various sports. Projects can be tailored to various sports, in-line with your interests and career aspirations.

You will learn about coaching methods, athlete development, and performance analysis. The hands-on approach of the sports coach qualification includes practical experience, allowing students to apply what they've learned in real coaching situations along with guidance from experienced fitness instructors.

The sports coaching qualification also covers broader aspects like sports science and management, ensuring graduates have a comprehensive understanding of the sports industry.

Completing this sports coach diploma opens doors to various career paths. Graduates can pursue roles as coaches, mentors, and sports development professionals in clubs, academies, and national governing bodies. This sports trainer diploma provides a great pathway for those passionate about making a positive impact within the sporting world.

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Study the sports coach diploma as an international or domestic student.  

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The Fit College difference

Developed by field experts

The FIT College Diploma of Sport has been developed in-house by our team of sports scientists and strength and conditioning coaches.

Self paced study

Complete the sports coaching qualification online through our Virtual Campus and get access to your learning materials from anywhere at any time.

Sport Specialisation options

As you work through the course you will be presented with multiple opportunities to choose sporting disciplines to base your projects and studies on.

Nationally Recognised Training

Includes ASCA level 1 S&C

In the area of Strength and Conditioning, FIT College has worked with the internationally renowned and national S&C Peak Body, Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) to incorporate all required coursework to become an ASCA Level 1 S&C Coach.  All you need to do is register with ASCA following completion of the diploma. Membership fees apply with ASCA.

Real-world career outcomes

Australia is a sporting nation, recognised internationally for our coaches across a wide range of sports. With a passion for sports growing there is an increased demand across a wide range of positions including coaching, development, and management both professionally and recreationally. FIT College has formed partnerships with groups like Tennis Australia to support the future job prospects of our students.




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SIS50321 Course guide

SIS50321 Diploma of Sport - Coaching

Topic 1 - Start-up activities

This initial topic explains the structure of the course and takes you through the completion of the LLN assessment. It explains how to navigate the Learner Portal, access the learning materials, complete the various assessment asks and an overview of the process for submitting your work for assessment.     

Topic 2 - Strength & Conditioning

This topic focuses on developing skills in strength and conditioning. The four units of competency here start with the knowledge and skills required to write and develop strength and conditioning programs for a broad range of performance outcomes. These skills are then transferred to learning how to conduct and instruct these programs with athletes from different sports.  Basic fitness testing, program writing, and coaching are all important parts of this Semester. Students must have access to a community group or sporting organisation to have access to participants on which to practice these skills and use them for coaching development.

Units of study:

  •  SISXCAI011 Develop and deliver a long-term training program
  •  SISXCAI009 Instruct strength and conditioning techniques
  •  SISXCAI010 Develop strength and conditioning programs
  •  HLTWHS003 Maintain work health and safety

This topic results in the ability to become an ASCA Level 1 S&C Coach.

Topic 3 - Plan & Conduct Sport Programs

This topic requires students to work with a sporting team to create a seasonal program, deliver it, conduct sessions, review outcomes, and manage the overall program performance, including both program prescription and recovery. Students must have access to a sporting or community group where these programs can be developed and delivered in the sport they choose to specialise in. 

Units of study:

  • SISXCAI008 Plan, conduct and review training and recovery programs
  • SISSSCO003 Meet participant needs
  • SISSSCO004 Plan, conduct and review coaching programs                                                                                                   

Topic 4 - Sport Integrity & Leadership

This topic focuses on student learning and understanding the requirements to develop and manage a safe and compliant working environment for staff and participants.  General workplace safety and risk management are covered during the early part of this topic where students are exposed to many different environments in which sport is performed and how to ensure the safety of all involved. Part of this is the ability of the leader to provide First Aid and CPR and ensure all supervisors of participation can make decisions on safety, risk, and application of appropriate first aid support to all involved.  The final module covers three key areas of working in the sport. The establishment and education of anti-doping policies within a sporting organisation, integrity in sport from both participants and administrators, and finally, how to develop a strong team within a sporting organisation.

Units of study:

  •     SISSSCO008 Apply anti-doping policies
  •     SISSSCO011 Manage integrity in sport
  •     SITXHRM009 Lead and manage people
  •     BSBOPS504 Manage risk

Topic 5 -  Sport Performance Coaching

This topic has a very practical and applied approach, taking the student through the process of developing the soft skills required for successful coaching. From teaching participants how to optimise their own skills in focus, goal setting and performance outcomes to applying this to hands-on coaching skills in real-time sporting environments.   Students must have access to a community group or sporting organisation in the sport they select. The choice here may require students to select a sport they can access rather than one they prefer, depending on their ability to connect with groups in that sport.

Units of study:

  • SISSSCO016 Coach participants in sport competition
  • SISSSCO007 Apply sport psychology principles

Topic 6 - First Aid

This topic teaches you how to appropriately provide first aid and CPR.

Units of study: HLTAID011 Provide first aid.

*** Please note if you are enrolled to study the Diploma online you must organise your First Aid and CPR externally prior to commencing study.

Study modes, duration & Support

All Modes of Study

Allowable time  24 months
Virtual Support  12 hours/week scheduled virtual class access (optional)
Phone Support  8 am - 6pm, Mon - Fri | 1300887017
Online Support  24/7 communication log support through virtual education platform

 Virtual Classroom (Online/Blended)

Intakes  Enrol at anytime and start studying within 72 hours
Common Completion Time  18 months
ESOS/CRICROS  Not suitable for international students on student visa
Virtual Delivery Locations  Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, others on assessment
Nominal Hours  1230
Study Volume  25 hours/week
Virtual Classes  6 hours/ week
Campus Classes  ~NA~
Online/ Self Study  19 hours/week

Face-to-Face Classrooms (Campus-Based) - Only available for ESOS International Students

Full Time  12 weeks on campus, over three days
Intakes  January | April | July |  October
Common Completion Time  12 months
ESOS/CRICOS  CRICOS: 114406H | Suitable for international students on student visa
ESOS Delivery Locations  Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney
Nominal Hours  1230
Study Volume  25 hours/week
Virtual Classes  6 hours/week
Campus Classes  14 hours/week
Online/Self Study  5 hours/week


Qualification outcomes

Certification & Registration

SIS50321 Diploma of Sport is Nationally Recognised Training (NRT). Information on this training package can be found at
FIT College RTO:31903 CRICOS:03926G

Upon completion of this course, you'll receive:

  •  Diploma Certificate: SIS50321 Diploma of Sport
  • Academic Transcript of Completed Units

Industry groups with registration relevance:

  •   ASCA Level 1 S&C Coach (You will need to provide completed course content for learning recognition)
  •  National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS)
  •  Australian Sports Commission (ASC)

Education Pathways

Vocational Education & Training (VET)

There are also many complimentary qualifications in health and fitness such as SIS30321 & SIS40221 Certificate III & IV in Fitness to combine scope of practice in exercise with coaching and S&C.

University & Higher Education

Bachelor study in coaching is a direct academic pathway. Other common university pathways that align with streams include sport and exercise science and exercise physiology.

Industry Specific

As a sports coach you are likely to specialise in a specific sport and should consider pursuing the qualifications offered within the peak bodies of your sport and passion. An example of this is studying tennis coaching with Tennis Australia.   

Career Opportunities

Your direct Career pathway from Diploma of Sport – Coaching completion is to work as a coach within a sport of your preference. You can find employment with clubs or independently.
Combined with strength and conditioning or personal training qualifications you can coach sport and work in the physical training and exercise aspects of sport.

If you are an international student exploring pathways in Australia, there are also a range of Sport Coaching roles listed with the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), such as tennis coach, swimming coach, and football coach, to name a few.

Course Requirements

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for the SIS50321 Diploma of Sport (Coaching).

However, students should have an interest in sport coaching as a career

Required General Resources:

  • Access to a computer or device that can connect to the internet
  • Internet access with a broadband plan suitable for online study
  • Smartphone, camera, video camera, or device that can take pictures & record videos

Access to a Sport for Practical Activity

Students must:

  • Select one or two sports to work with for the duration of the course
  • Be able to access a local club where they can do observations and coaching practice
  • Be able to attend coaching and training sessions in these sports and have approval from the coach and club to participate
  •  Use examples from these sports when the course requires written responses that are sport-related

Course Assessment

Every qualification, unit of competency or skill set completed at FIT College will require students to undergo a number of written and/or practical assessment tasks. The assessment tasks are designed to confirm that the student can meet all elements and performance criteria indicated in the curriculum. By completing each assessment task to the standard indicated, students are ready and eligible to perform those elements in the workplace.

English & LLN Requirements

All Students

All domestic students must demonstrate core competency in language, literacy, and numeracy.

ESOS/CRICOS Additional International Student Requirements

In addition to other LLN requirements, international students may be required to achieve a minimum test score in one of the following English language tests:                                                            
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic:

  • 5.5 overall score with no band scoring less than 5.0

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Internet-Based Test:

  • 50 overall score with a minimum score of 5 in Reading, 5 in Listening, 14 in Speaking and 15 in Writing

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Paper Based Test:

  • 530 minimum test result.

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE):

  • 162 overall score with no less than 154 in any component

Pearson Test of English: Academic (PTE:A):

  • 42 overall score with no less than 36 in the communication band"

Payment & Funding

Payment Options

Interest-free payment plans and payment in full options available. Course costs can be reduced with promotions and on short term plans. Courses need to be paid for prior to receiving certificate.

ESOS/CRICOS Additional International Student Payments

International Students are required to pay for their course in advance, prior to commencement. Payment can be made in full, or prior to each Semester or Term.

Skillsets & Sub-Qualifications

The Strength & Conditioning - ASCA L1 course included within this qualification. It can also be done as a standalone course purchased on its own. There are no NRT Skillsets within this qualification that are offered for individual sale.




What is the diploma of sport?

According to the government website, the diploma of sport is designed for people wanting to engage in various roles in the sporting industry, whether volunteer, community-based, or even private sport coaching.

The Diploma of Sport fosters leadership and the ability to be self-directed and apply their specific skill sets to their chosen sport. This means that individuals may have to complete additional qualifications in their chosen sport or as directed by State of Commonwealth legislation. For more information, visit the National Sporting Organisation.

How do I become a sports coach in Australia?

You can become a sports coach by completing the relevant qualifications. FIT College has designed its Diploma of Sport with elite coaching in mind. This requires students to study topics such as Strength and Conditioning, which is eligible for a level 1 ASCA registration post-completion, and topics such as sports psychology principles, which enables future sport coaching professionals to be well equipped to coach the next generation of athletes.

International students looking for student visa pathways may also be eligible by studying the SIS50321 Diploma of Sport.

What qualifications do you need to be a coach?

To become a sports coach, you’ll need to demonstrate expertise in your chosen field. This is usually done through a Certificate or Diploma level course. With FIT College’s  SIS50321 Diploma of Sport, students will be taught the fundamentals of sports coaching.

What is the average salary for a sports coach in Australia?

 According to Glassdoor the base pay range is $27-$35 an hour as a national average.

How to become an accredited sports coach?

There are a few steps to becoming an accredited sports coach:
  1. Choose your sport or be a strength and conditioning coach.
  2. Get accredited.
  3. Register with the relevant national sporting bodies.
  4. Market yourself as an accredited sports coach.

Diploma versus degree in sports coaching?

The key difference between completing a Diploma in sports coaching and a degree is the length of time to completion. Typically, a Diploma should take a maximum of two years, whereas a degree is generally four years.

The second difference is entry requirements. For a degree, you usually must meet a certain Australia Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). However, there are no entry requirements for the FIT College Diploma.

In a Degree, the learning will typically be more theory and less application and will prepare you for further learning. A Diploma is designed to provide in-depth knowledge on specific subjects with practical application for the job market.

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