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Lauren Ramage's journey with FIT College.

Lauren is a leading mother and after graduating as a personal trainer at FIT College, she’s ventured into leading other mothers to help them regain self-confidence and health. Her journey with us here at FIT College really pushed her out of her comfort zone and helped foster what she’s currently doing. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Lauren for a brief chat about her experience studying Certificate III SIS30315 and Certificate IV SIS40215 in Fitness.

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Tayla Faye’s Journey with FIT College!

Being an avid health and fitness devotee, Tayla is currently working at the Royal Hobart Hospital and is about to complete her Certificate 3 in Fitness at our FIT College Hobart Campus. As many of our busy students, she works a lot and at times – life can get frantic and hectic. We decided to sit down and chat to Tayla about her journey so far and how important exercise and physical activity is to help manage her stress, study load and help her achieve an overall balanced lifestyle.

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Little Athletics Development Team Member Josh Mason Graduates with FIT College

Josh, one of the key members of the development team for Little Athletics Tasmania, has recently graduated his Certificate III in fitness and Cert IV in fitness at our FIT College Hobart Campus. Throughout his time studying to become a personal trainer, Josh always had a big emphasis on working with children and providing an environment where his fellow students felt comfortable, motivated and driven. Today we sit down with Josh to see exactly where the journey has taken him since graduating and where he wants to take his career.

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