Thank you for affiliating with FIT College and allowing us into your amazing facility.

FIT College feel that the work we do with local industry and the affiliations we have are why we have maintained a quality reputation for over 10 years. Our affiliates make up the industry that our students are training for. If you can think of any other ways we can work together, please don’t hesitate to ask.

$200 student referral reward

Fit College reward Affiliates with up to $200 for direct referral of students who enrol to become a FIT College Personal Trainer.
$100 per Certificate/Diploma Course, refer interested friends, colleagues and clients via the form below.

Exclusive Affiliate Upskilling

FIT College arrange and deliver discounted and complimentary First Aid & Short Courses for Affiliates on request. Staff upskilling, First Aid & CPR renewal, Education Short Courses. In-house deliver, group deals and tailored deliveries.

Direct member Benefits

Your members receive $500 off all FITness Certificates/Diplomas and discounted rates across the FIT College product range. Discount cards can be received on request, simply ask your Affiliate Liason. Contact details are on the back

Marketing & Promotion Support

Fit College support affiliates with Social Media Posts & Shares, Open day contributions, Prize Offers and Cross Promotional Activities. As a local provider of education, we want to support your business with industry promoting initiatives – talk to us about how we can contribute.

Direct Staff Benefits

Your staff receive up to $1500 off FITness qualifications and preferential access to study and staff resources. We regularly reward staff and associates of our Affiliate Businesses with special rates across all courses.

Trainer, Student & Intern Access

Come and chat with our Students! We have studying Interns and a family of Qualified Personal Trainers looking for experience and work. Looking for an enthusiastic Intern? What about a highly trained and industry ready Fitness Professional? Contact us today via the Affiliate Request Form below.

Ready to make a change? 

Call 1300 887 017 or Request an Info Pack Below: