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Tayla Faye’s Journey with FIT College!

Being an avid health and fitness devotee, Tayla is currently working at the Royal Hobart Hospital and is about to complete her Certificate 3 in Fitness at our FIT College Hobart Campus. As many of our busy students, she works a lot and at times – life can get frantic and hectic. We decided to sit down and chat to Tayla about her journey so far and how important exercise and physical activity is to help manage her stress, study load and help her achieve an overall balanced lifestyle.

Tayla, thank you for joining us today! You’re a busy woman with lots happening, so fitting in study is nothing short of amazing. What drives you to do so much and why did you decide to study to become a personal trainer?

I enjoy motivating people to live a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to realise the benefits of being fit and healthy. I decided to study to become a personal trainer after starting to attend the gym myself and realising how much it improved my own low energy levels, self- esteem and my sleeping habits. Even though I lead a busy lifestyle with studying and working, I think it is important to still exercise and I think that anyone can find the time to exercise if they have the motivation and that is what I want to do for clients. It would feel very rewarding to know that I could have the ability to change somebody’s life by improving their health and fitness levels and making them feel good about themselves.


That’s great to hear! Many people, just like yourself, will resonate with what you said and also may experience stress at times. Can you please elaborate on how the gym helps you manage these times?

I have previously suffered from anxiety and stress issues – after a demanding day of working and studying, a gym workout makes my stress and anxiety just disappear. The endorphins that I release leave me feeling relaxed and content. I also find that my sleep patterns have greatly improved as I now can get at least 8 hours sleep whereas previously I would have up to 4 hours a night. The gym is my safe place and during stressful times in my life, I feel physically and mentally better after my workout.


What are you looking forward to the most with continuing your studies here at FIT College?

I am so excited to continue to learn more about the health and fitness industry and the benefits that exercise, and nutrition has on the human anatomy. I am also looking forward to creating and designing my own personal training programs. I have already gained so much knowledge since starting the course with FIT College.

Great! With fitness and health being such a prevalent focus in today’s society, what’s the one thing you personally feel everyone should do more of?

I think in today’s busy society that a lot of people feel like they don’t have time to exercise or they feel intimidated by attending a gym. I want to change the way people perceive the gym and for them not to be scared to give it a try and I want to make them feel comfortable in a gym environment. Even if people do not like the gym environment, I would like to encourage people to do Personal Training sessions with me at the beach or bush walking or just in an outdoor setting. I also would love to do boot camps in a lot of different environments.


In saying that, why did you decide to join FIT College to become a personal trainer?

Once I started seeing the results both physically and mentally from attending the gym, I knew this was the career I wished to pursue for the rest of my life. I want to help people feel the way I do now. I read online reviews on how to become a Personal Trainer and the reviews for FIT College were so positive that I decided to enrol and I am so happy that I did as the process so far has been amazing.


What’s something you love doing besides all things fitness and health related?

I enjoy attending festivals, socialising of a weekend, bushwalking and spending time with my friends and family. I think that it is good for you to be able to just relax and I must admit I love sleeping in whenever I can. I also love pizza and a bit of take out doesn’t hurt!


For those readers who don’t know you, what is one thing that’s special about you? In other words, what’s the one thing you’ll bring to future and current clients that no one else brings about?

I have a very positive attitude and a great sense of humour and I am also extremally motivated. My goal is to make workouts fun but also push the client to do the best that they can. I did not have a very positive experience when I was at school and I wish that I would have been encouraged to be more active and understand how important it is to get out of the house even if you don’t feel like it. I want a client base that is not determined by age or gender and I want to train anyone from an elite athlete to someone starting out their fitness journey. After witnessing my Nan having a stroke this year and then recovering, I want to help people to get healthy before a traumatic incident like this happens.


One thing many of the readers might want to know is how you manage to balance your work at the Royal Hobart Hospital with study, training and enjoying life with friends and family. Could you please share some tips our readers could easily apply into their lives?

I have a planner that I constantly use to record my work shifts and my study routines so that I can ensure that I have a good balance of both. I then work my gym sessions into that along with a program involving a healthy eating plan. I attend the gym every day or night depending my work and study schedule. I attend F45 for 45 minutes or go to Zap for 2 hours every day or night. I also think it is important to sometimes have a night off to watch a movie, eat out and have a few drinks and relax with friends.


Before we wrap this up, what advice would you give to those who are thinking about studying health and fitness?

Don’t even think about it, just do it. If you are wanting to pursue this career, this course is for you. You can always make time in your life as the course is easy to work around and is so flexible.


Tayla, thank you so much for your time today. We truly appreciate it, as we know how busy you are working and studying full time. It’s a pleasure having you as a part of our amazing and dedicated community of students and we’re certain you’ll have a great career ahead of you as a personal trainer.

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