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Brodie Tinning – A young, driven and inspirational student at our Hobart Campus

We sat down with Brodie, a young, driven and inspirational student at our Hobart Campus in Tasmania. Like many people, Brodie has gone through some very challenging times in his life, and by studying here at FIT College – he’s hoping to work with clients from all walks of life to show them the power of being healthy and fit.

Brodie shares with our readers how you can turn a life-threatening event into something very positive and nothing but inspiring!


Brodie, thank you so much for joining us today! We know you’ve been through some very interesting times in your life. Tell us a little about yourself!

When I was in high school, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had chemotherapy which was unsuccessful in removing the cancer so I lost my leg as a result which led me to finding what worked to keep myself busy and motivated, which was lifting weights. After a lot of dramatic events in my life, I’ve turned things around, and I am motivated to compete in bodybuilding contests next year.


Wow! That’s somewhat of a journey! Amazing to turn such a life changing event around into something so positive! What is it that you really want to do and how do you want to help your clients?

I want to work at a gym where I can help anybody that I can to start their journey of self-improvement.


If you could choose just one word, to best describe why you decided to help other people with their health and fitness, what would it be?

Not sure about one word, but seeing what health and fitness did for me through challenging circumstances, definitely has something to do with it!


Brodie, why is this career path so important to you? What does it bring to your life that you previously didn’t have?

The gym has been a big part of my upbringing, and it’s something that has always been there for me. This career path gives me a chance to share that with other people, and see them become more confident, healthier and happier.


In what way will attending the Certificate III SIS30315 and Certificate IV SIS40215 in Fitness, help you get into the health and fitness industry?

The Cert III and IV gives me experience in training others, theory to support what I’m doing and most importantly industry contacts to get my career going.


Brodie, what has been the biggest takeaway from the course so far? What is the most enjoyable part?

Learning the benefits and strategies for various types of training is what I’ve enjoyed the most and will take away from the course.


If there was one piece of advice you could share with future students who are thinking about becoming personal trainers, what would it be?

Dreams aren’t just something you should have at night. Go and live them!


Thank you Brodie for being such a positive influence in the industry. It’s been a great pleasure chatting with you today and on behalf of all of FIT College, we want to say thank you for studying with us and for your time today. We’ve got no doubts you’ll go ahead to do great things and run a very successful PT business in the future!

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