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Become a yoga teacher

250 hour level 1 - advanced yoga teacher training (YTT)



The Yoga Method School of Yoga, in collaboration with FIT College have created an internationally registered 250hr Level 1 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course. Our course is a fusion of modern science with the ancient wisdom of Yoga taught by allied health professionals who are deeply dedicated to this integration. We have endeavoured to create a world-class Yoga Teacher Training Course that fosters the development of inspiring and professional Yoga teachers.




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Study this course face-to-face on campus with a 5-day retreat.

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The Yoga Method Difference

Fusion of Science & Practice

The Yoga Method is the fusion of modern science with the practice of Yoga designed by allied health professionals who are deeply dedicated to this integration. Our mission at The Yoga Method is to change the world one student at a time through the transformative power of Yoga. We have created a world-class Yoga teacher training course that fosters the development of high-quality, inspiring, and professional Yoga teachers.

Balance DElivery & Quality Training

We have worked to develop a training timeline to perfectly support the transformation of a Yoga enthusiast into a confident teacher. Spaced over three months, learning is a brilliant combination of structured online lectures with 180 hours of carefully planned face-to-face delivery of Yoga wisdom validated by modern science, yoga practice, teaching, self-inquiry, and sangha support.

5-day yoga retreat

Included in the 250-hour Level 1 - Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainer (YTT) is our Yoga Retreat. For your final week of the course, escape and immerse yourself in Yoga. The retreat is designed to take you away from the routine of life to integrate and solidify all you have learned, your final day being a reflection and celebration!

Yoga Alliance International Registry (YAIR)

The content developed for our Intro to Yoga Therapy - ESSA Short Course is directly derived from the Yoga Methods 250hr Level 1 - Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainer (YTT) course. This content has been registered and endorsed by Yoga Alliance, leaders in the registration of Yoga Education & Registration.

Experienced educators at FIT




Course guide

250 Hour Level 1 - Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainer (YTT)

Module 1. Foundation of anatomy

Module 1 is where you will learn about our vision, mission and expectations, as well as the foundations of anatomy,
physiology, biomechanics, Yoga history, philosophy and ethics. The core elements of THE YOGA METHOD’s class structure will also be explored with the start of our breathing, meditation and journaling practices.   

Module 2. Flexion | Back Body Opening

What are the elements that create a great yoga class? The foundation of a Yoga practice begins with Sun Salutations, Standing Asanas, Ujjayi Breathing, Drishti and Bandhas. A deeper exploration of the Science of Stretching creates foundational knowledge for safe classes. We also delve into the 8-Limbs of the Yoga Sutras beginning with the Yamas, as well as the Science of Positive Psychology. Practice teaching begins, meditation practice continues as does journaling for self-exploration.

Module 3. Lateral Flexion | Side Body Opening

In Module 3, we explore the qualities and characteristics that make a great teacher. We dive deeper into the 8-Limbs with the Niyamas set against the Science of Habits. Asanas practice will focus on the shared anatomical and alignment principles and their contraindications. Seated Asanas will be studied and our Pranayama practice explores Nadi Shodhana as well as the energetic anatomy behind it. Practice teaching continues with a focus on sequencing and cueing.

Module 4. Extension | Front Body Opening

In Module 4, we will concentrate on how to craft inclusive classes, create community, and build a business. Our Yoga Sutras' studies will focus on the Pranayama and the Science of Breathing. In addition, Pratyahara and Dharana will be looked at alongside the Science of Focus and Presence. Asana practice will focus on the research behind balance, backbends, and inversions. We will also look at modifications and contradictions, as well as adjustments and assists.

Module 5. Rotation | Twists

Professionalism and your ethical commitment as a Yoga teacher will be covered in Module 5, as will diversity, equity and your scope of practice. We continue with the 8-Limbs as we move into the Dhyana and the Science of Meditation. Meditation methods, mantras and mudras will also be explored. As well, Samadhi will be studied in conjunction with the Science of Hope and Happiness. Class sequencing and practice teaching then become our main focus as we draw near to the end of the course.

Module 6. The 5-Day Retreat | Integration & Celebration

Our 5-day retreat is an amazing opportunity to completely step out of your life and fully immerse yourself into the lifestyles, teachings and practice of Yoga and the Science of Celebration. This retreat is designed to facilitate the integration and solidification of all you have been learning. Our final day will be one of reflection, culminating in a graduation celebration.

Study Modes, Duration & Support

All Modes of Study

Allowable time 12 months
Phone Support  7am - 5pm, Mon - Fri | 1300887017
Online Support  24/7 communication log support through virtual education platform


Face-to-Face Classrooms (Campus-Based)

Blended 13 Fridays, 7am-4pm + 5 Day Retreat
Intakes February | May | September
Common Completion Time 14 weeks
ESOS/CRICOS Not suitable for international students on a student visa
Domestic Delivery Locations
Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane
Study Volume 250 Hours
Campus Classes 180 Hours
Online/Self Study 70 Hours


Qualification outcomes

Certification & Registration

250hr Level 1 - Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainer (YTT) is a non-NRT course registered with the Yoga Alliance International Registry (YAIR). Students who graduate can register with Yoga Alliance as Yoga Teachers and teach Yoga internationally where YAIR is recognised.

Upon completion of this course, you'll receive:

  • Certificate of completion: 250 hour Level 1 - Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
  • Certificate of attendance: 60 hour Yoga Intensive Practice

Industry groups with registration relevance:

  • Yoga Alliance International Registry (YAIR)
  • International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)
  • Yoga Australia
  • Canadian Yoga Alliance (CYA)  

Education Pathways

Vocational Education & Training (VET)

To further your study following Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), there are a number of VET-accredited courses in yoga you can find on from Certificate IV through to Advanced Diplomas in Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Yoga Teaching.                                                          

Industry Specific

Once you complete your 250hr YTT you should never stop learning yoga, there are 500hr courses available as well as a range of specialised training courses in Meditation, Yoga Therapies, Yin Yoga, Yoga for kids and special population groups. Always consider quality learning while exploring the world of yoga improvement and upskilling.  

Career Opportunities

  • Group Yoga Teacher
  • Private Yoga Instructor
  • Corporate Wellness Instructor
  • Virtual Yoga Class Instructor
  • Yoga Studio Manager

Course Requirements

Entry Requirements

There are no pre-requisite requirements for entry into this course. However, FIT College and The Yoga Method do not accept students under 14 years of age and all students are required to meet LLN requirements.
It is also recommended to have a basic knowledge of and ability to do Yoga. To receive ESSA CPD Points you must be registered with them.

Course Assessment

Every qualification, unit of competency or skill set completed at FIT College will require students to undergo a number of written and/or practical assessment tasks. The assessment tasks are designed to confirm that the student can meet all elements and performance criteria indicated in the curriculum. By completing each assessment task to the standard indicated, students are ready and eligible to perform those elements in the workplace.

English & LLN Requirements

All Students

All domestic students must demonstrate core competency in language, literacy, and numeracy.

Payment & Funding

Payment Options

Interest-free payment plans and payment in full options available. Course costs can be reduced with promotions and on short term plans. Courses need to be paid for prior to receiving certificate.

Government Funding, Grants and Subsidies

FIT College are not currently listed to provide specific funding outside of general availability for this qualification.

Skillsets & Sub-Qualifications

 There are no NRT Skillsets within this qualification that are offered for individual sale.




How good at yoga do i need to be do this course?

Yoga is so much more than a physical practice! This course is for anyone with a genuine interest and passion for yoga. You do not need to be able to levity, meditate or even touch your toes, but we do ask that you have been practising yoga for at least one year. Why? Yoga is an experiential wisdom tradition, and your experience as a student is essential for your authenticity and success as a teacher.                                                                       

How many fridays can i miss or if something comes up?

Students are able to miss 2 full days of the course and still qualify for certification. It is not possible to ‘make up’ days, but students can still do the online component and complete their weekly quizzes and assignments.

do I have to do yoga while studying?

As part of your training, you will be required to attend two classes a week taught by our Lead Trainer (live or virtually). This will help you become more familiar with THE YOGA METHOD style and integrate what you're learning in the classroom into your personal practice. Additionally, we encourage you to complete a third class weekly, either at any studio or through a virtual teacher. This exposure to different teachers, class types, techniques, and approaches will enhance your teaching skills and help you refine your own unique style.

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