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Disability support worker 

The Health and Disability Support Course gives you the skills to provide person-centered support to people with a disability in various settings. This can include people with a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Plan that helps fund their support.
The course was designed with NDIS in mind. In that, the NDIS want higher caliber support workers. Since personal trainers, and group fitness instructors already have a nationally accredited fitness qualification the solution was clear. Upskill fitness professionals. 

There is also a need for personal trainers to diversify what they do to supplement their income. Working as a personal trainer or group fitness instructor you may experience cancelations which can hurt your cash flow. Therefore, supplementing your personal training income with consistent support work is a win, and a career outcome for the Health and Disability Support Course. 


Nationally Accredited Training Fitness and Personal Training Courses

Outcomes & Job Opportunities

FIT College is partnering with FITCare Support Services to provide job opportunities for graduates of the Health & Disability Support Course, via a selection process.

The NDIS has stated there are 3750 vacancies yet to be advertised, and a further 83000 NDIS workers needed by 2024. You can read the NDIS report here.

what are the main tasks and duties of a healthy support worker?:

The main tasks of a healthy support worker are centered around low-level support:

  • Engaging in social and community outings such as trips to the beach, park, or other facilities
  • General healthy activities in the gym, or sports ground, and other recreational activities
  • Shopping, and day-to-day activities
  • Assist with daily living tasks, including meal preparation.

The aim is to empower people who have different abilities.

How much does a disability support worker earn?

Seek shows the avearge hourly rate for a disability support worker to be between $30-35 an hour. 

Course Entry Requirements:

Entry into the Health and Disability Support Course is a minmum Cert 3 in Fitness (SIS30321) or equivalent. 


FITCare Support Services are the official partners of FIT College. Working together to make fitness and health a more inclusive activity. For graduates of the Health and Disability Support Course, who have the opportunity to work with FITCare, FITCare will provide clients, and make the administration a smooth process. 


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