Diploma of Weight Management

Become an Advanced Weight Management Coach

10698NAT Diploma of Weight Management

Advanced Weight Management Practitioner

Wondering how to become a weight management specialist? Keen to study a diploma of weight management? Enrol in a nationally recognised weight management diploma course online with FIT College Australia.

The Diploma of Weight Management is designed for individuals who wish to develop the skills, knowledge and experience in planning, conducting and evaluating advanced weight management programs. Advanced practitioners/health coaches have the ability to apply specialised skills and knowledge above the level possessed by practitioners/coaches. This enables them to recognise interrelated contributing factors to weight gain to identify program needs and to develop research-based programs, underpinned by an educative approach in the concept of the human body as a non-linear and complex adaptive system.

Skills You Learn & Develop

  • Analysing and assessing lifestyle factors and responding to the range of complex factors that may contribute to client body weight regulation
  • Applying principles of psychology, nutrition and exercise science to weight management programming
  • Conducting advanced client health screening consultations and developing and delivering advanced client weight management programs
  • Recognising the presence of high-risk conditions requiring client referral to medical or allied health practitioners for medical clearance or recommendations
  • Working with others in a team or in a supervisory role in performing functions associated with the development, delivery and monitoring of advanced weight management programs

Practical Education for the Workplace

Advanced practitioners/coaches may work in supervisory roles, applying their skills and knowledge to assist team members with the identification of interrelated contributing factors and the development of advanced weight management programs. They may work as individuals in their own business or they may work in organisations alongside other weight management specialists and staff, either as a member of the team or in a supervisory role overseeing the work of others.

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