Certificate 3 in Fitness

When you graduate with a Certificate III in Fitness from FIT College you can apply to register with Fitness Australia in the category of Gym Instructor. You will be involved in the assessment, training and supervision of a variety of people in health and fitness centres, gyms, sports centres and community organisations.

Gym Instructors are trained in fitness activity specific competencies to instruct individuals and group clients in specified work environments, under predictable circumstances. They can work under the guidance of a higher qualified professional. You will also specialise as a Group Fitness Trainer or instructor - so contact FIT College today to discuss your course options and opportunities in the Fitness Industry.



A Gym Instructor is able to:

  1. Work within predictable settings such as a fitness facility, recreation or community facility,
  2. Provide individually tailored client assessments, program development, program demonstration and client reviews,
  3. Provide supervision of a facility or service (i.e. observing client use of facilities, providing technique correction as needed, keeping equipment clean/tidy/well-maintained, being available for customer inquiries or assistance),
  4. Typically reports to a manager but is not always directly supervised during work duties.

You may be employed as:

  • Gym Instructor
  • Outdoor fitness instructor
  • Circuit trainer
  • Group fitness instructor

Topics and competencies covered in the FIT College Certificate III Fitness (SIS30313)

Topic Title

Unit Code

Unit Title

The Fitness Industry


Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement



Work effectively in sport and recreation environments



Follow occupational health and safety policies



Undertake risk analysis of activities



Maintain sport, fitness and recreation equipment for activities

Foundation Fitness Science


Apply anatomy and physiology principles in a fitness context

The Client Journey


Provide fitness orientation and health screening



Undertake client health assessment

Healthy Eating


Provide healthy eating information to clients in accordance with recommended guidelines

The Gym Instructor


Provide quality service in the fitness industry



Plan and deliver gym programs



Instruct and monitor fitness programs

Groups & Specific Populations


Plan & deliver group exercise programs



Develop and apply an awareness of specific populations to exercise delivery

First Aid


Provide first aid


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